How to get Beidou for free on Genshin Impact .

miHoYo gives players the option to add Beidou to their Genshin Impact group, but only for a limited time. The Pirate Queen’s hero is a four-star electrotype, making him a nice addition to your list. Of course, having it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Instead, you’ll need to complete Part 2 of the Thunder Sojourn event, which will be available until August 8. Here’s how to get Beidou for free on Genshin Impact .

Get Beidou in Genshin Impact

To get Beidou, you will need 1000 Thunderballs and 1000 Thunder Crystals. As long as you have them, you can “Send invitation”, permanently adding it to your group.

Of course, getting 1000 Thunderballs and 1000 Thunder Crystals is easier said than done. To help you out, here’s how to get Thunder Balls and Thunder Crystals.

Thunder pellets

Thunder Pellets are a currency that is obtained during the Thunder Sojourn event by completing various challenges on the map.

These granules can also be used to purchase materials from the store, but even if you do, you should still be able to grind the 1,000 Thunder granules you need to get Beidou.

Thunder crystals

Thunder Crystals are a bit trickier, as these four-star rarity items can only be earned by completing the Automaton Front boss challenge. This fight is essentially the same as the standard Automaton fight, but you will be able to collect bonuses around the map that increase the damage of your Electro Heroes, especially with AOE bursts.

You will need to complete the Automaton Front boss challenge at least four times to get the 1,000 Thunder Crystals you need for Beidou.

Once you have the materials, simply send the invitation and voila, you will have Beidou at Genshin Impact.

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