How to Get Back Your Featured Stories Uploaded to Facebook

The Facebook application for some years has been improving its interface and at the same time giving better functions to its users . Although many of these new features have been criticized, they are still part of the platform, as are the stories that are shared with your friends and followers.

Every time a story is shared on Facebook and is part of featured stories, it is saved in a folder within your account. For that reason, in this development we are going to explain in a simple way how you can recover your featured stories uploaded to Facebook also using some other backup to save them.

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  1. How can you view your story archive on Facebook?
    1. From your Android device
    2. With an iOS mobile
  2. What alternative is there to protect the photos and videos that you upload to your Facebook story?
    1. With featured stories
    2. Using Google Photos or iCloud

How can you view your story archive on Facebook?

Archiving stories on Facebook is a feature that can only be accessed by the person who owns the account, just as you would on Instagram. Next, we will explain how you can view your story archive by following a few very simple steps from your mobile in the Facebook application.

From your Android device

Using the Facebook application from a mobile with Android system, the first thing you should have ready is the login of your account . When you are in the main screen of it, look for the icon with 3 horizontal lines in the right corner at the top and click on your name.

This way you will go to your Facebook profile, where you will see 3 horizontal points, which you must click to enter ‘Archive’ and then ‘Archive of stories’. In that section you will find a whole file with the stories that you have shared in your account since a specific date.

With an iOS mobile

The interface of the Facebook application on a mobile with an iOS system is very similar to the Android application, it only has a couple of changes. Starting in your account, click on the 3 horizontal lines that are in the lower right part, and then enter your account by clicking on your name .

Among the main options you see on the next screen, touch the 3 horizontal dots to enter ‘Archive’ and then ‘Archive of stories’. That way, you will find all the stories you have shared; And also, you can activate that archive function or create a featured story , either on Android or iOS.

What alternative is there to protect the photos and videos that you upload to your Facebook story?

The archive of stories on Facebook, as well as the one on Instagram, is considered by many users as a way to save special moments. However, this is not an option we can trust, since we do not know if a problem occurs on the platform that does not allow us to access the file.

For this reason and others, we also want to show you two other alternatives that you can count on to protect the photos and videos that you upload to your story on Facebook.

With featured stories

The first alternative that we can mention is that of the featured stories on Facebook , an option with which you can always find your stories. Sure, they will always be in the story archive, but with this option they will always appear prominently on your profile for your friends and not for 24 hours.

To add these featured stories to your profile, you can do so by entering the ‘Story Archive’ as explained above. Inside there, touch the 3 horizontal points that are in the upper right corner, and select the option ‘Create featured collection’ and choose the ones you want to publish.

Using Google Photos or iCloud

The Facebook platform also gives you the option that you can connect or synchronize a Google Photos account or with iCloud , to save those photos. The way to do this is by entering the ‘Your information’ section from ‘Settings and privacy’ and clicking on ‘Transfer a copy of your information’ .

Then, you just have to follow the steps that are given to you on the screen to be able to choose the Google Photos or iCloud application , and enter the password to continue in them. With these alternatives that we give you, although they are not the only ones, you can keep a more secure archive of the stories you share in the Facebook application.

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