How to get automatic replies in Skype easily

One of the great ways for users to communicate from their personal computer with millions of people around the world is Skype . And it does this through video conversations and text messaging . This communication tool offers us different ways to configure it and thus be able to answer or reject video calls. But through this tutorial we will explain how to get automatic responses in Skype easily.

Many users have expressed their dissatisfaction with not knowing how to use this application for direct communication between users.

But worry no more, we will teach you how to use this fantastic function and you can   get automatic responses in Skype easily , you just have to make the configuration adjustments that we will show you below.

Skype is a fantastic tool that is a bit underrated, but if used in the knowledge of its tremendous potential, it can allow you to communicate effectively. We have already talked about this tool before and we have discovered some of its functions. And by mentioning some of them, we learned how easy it is to share calls on Skype.

How to get automatic replies in Skype easily

Before starting, we suggest that you do not do anything other than those that we will explain in this tutorial. To avoid making any unwanted adjustments in the application, just strictly follow the steps suggested here. And you can easily get automatic responses on Skype without any problem .

Now so that you can easily get automatic responses in Skype easily, you just have to do the following. First you must run the Skype application and enter your username and password to start your session. The next step is to locate the menu and in it you must select the Tools option.

Simple steps to easily get automatic replies in Skype

Once this is done, you locate and choose Options , in this way the Skype Options window is displayed on the screen . The next step is to go to the Calls option, this will be perfectly located on the left side of the window. Then you will select the option Configure calls and then you must choose the option Show more advanced options .

This option will allow you to enter the advanced call settings and it is where the option we need to get automatic responses in Skype is located. Here you will get different options with a check box next to it. Now you just have to look for the option Answer incoming calls automatically.

Now the next thing you should do is select the check box and click to mark it, the last step to do is click on the Save option . This will save all the changes you have made in this section of the Skype settings. Now you should exit all open windows and you have already got automatic responses in Skype easily.

If you have noticed, it is very easy to configure the Skype application and activate the various functions it has. And one of them will allow you to respond automatically every time a person calls you. In this way you avoid having to run away and stop doing the activity that you are currently occupying to answer the call.

And in this way this article ends, with very short, precise and fast steps, with which you will be able to configure your Skype , sounds, calls, tones, notifications, without fear of making any adjustments that damage your application.

You should bear in mind that it will no longer be necessary for you to answer any calls if you do not want to do so and wait for the Skype answering machine to do it for you.

You see it, that easy and simple, without complications of any nature and by applying the instructions in this guide you have learned how to get automatic responses in Skype easily.


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