How to get automatic confirmation of receipt of an email in Outlook

Every time we send an email in Outlook and we expect to receive a response from the recipient, we should follow up. For this reason, the courier service provides the option to confirm receipt. We recommend that you read this article with which you will learn How to obtain automatic confirmation of receipt of an email in Outlook

What is Outlook?

“Outlook” is an email service created by the Microsoft company, this service replaced “Hotmail” in 2013, offering a migration system to users. Microsoft offers through this service a considerable number of functionalities and a very useful interface for its users.

Outlook allows connection with social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin. In addition, the service integrates the chat function from Facebook and Skype, as well as the viewing of videos from the YouTube platform.

Outlook features

One of the most outstanding attributes of Outlook is its interface. This is similar to the Windows 8 environment and adds some very useful tools for users. Likewise, it allows you to migrate from a Gmail account to the Outlook environment by adding all the folders and functionalities that Microsoft offers.

It is important to highlight the elimination of ads that were previously observed from Hotmail. Also, Microsoft guarantees the sending of files of up to 300 Mb and the free use of Office from the cloud without having to leave the browser. Additionally, users can have Outlook notify you when new emails arrive , which is extremely useful for keeping track of the latest messages.

How to get automatic confirmation of receipt of an email in Outlook

Have you ever wondered how to know if an email was read in hotmail or gmail ? One of the most outstanding tools in Outlook (formerly known as hotmail) is the configuration of automatic actions for sending and receiving emails . If you are interested in receiving these confirmations, it is important that you know the delivery and reading confirmation option, as well as the procedure to activate them.

What is the delivery confirmation?

Delivery confirmation is a tracking option that allows you to receive an email when the message has just arrived in the recipient’s mailbox .

What is the read receipt?

The read receipt is another tracking option that lets us know the date and time that the recipient has viewed or read the message . It is important to note that the recipient can reject the sending of the read receipt and, in this case, you will not be able to know if the message you sent was seen or read.

Activate receipt confirmation in Outlook

To activate the confirmation of receipt of an email in Outlook, send the message to the recipient and without closing the window click on “Options”. Then, select “Tracking” and check the box “Request a delivery confirmation.”

Get automatic confirmation of receipt of an email in Outlook

On the other hand, if you want to activate automatic confirmation of receipt , go to the “Outlook Options” window from the Microsoft Outlook interface. Click on “Options” and then “Mail.”

Locate the “Tracking” option that you will find at the bottom of the window and check the “Delivery confirmation that the message was sent to the recipient’s email server.” In this way, you will be able to know if the message was received correctly by the recipient.

Activate the automatic confirmation of reading an email in Outlook

To activate the automatic reading confirmation, you must go to the Outlook options and select the “Mail” option. Then choose “Follow-up” and check the box “Always send a read receipt.”

When you activate this type of tracking in Outlook, you will ask the recipient for a read receipt each time you send them an email. Therefore, the person receiving the message decides to reply to the confirmation or not. Similarly, you can decide to turn off Outlook read receipts whenever you see fit.


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