How to get apples in Minecraft including the golden apple

Apples in Minecraft are probably one of the most basic but useful foods that we can get. However, the methods for obtaining it have varied greatly from the first version to the last update. Now, how to get apples in Minecraft including the golden apple? You can use the following methods.

How to get apples in Minecraft

In real life, the most natural way to get apples is by looking for them in the trees, and it is the same in the game. If you go to a wooded area in your Minecraft world and start cutting down trees, the chances are that apples will soon start to fall . If you cut down all the wood from a tree the leaf blocks will start to disintegrate, dropping items and rewards.

From the moment we cut down all the wood, which you can later use to build a house or make tools, leaving only the leaf blocks, the period of time in which we can find apples begins However, the chance of an apple falling is one in two hundred, so you should be lucky.

It should also be noted that not just any tree will be the one to look for an apple, only oak trees and dark oaks can drop apples. If you try to cut down 200 trees to get an apple and they are not oaks or dark oaks, you are not going to get it and you are going to have wasted your time.

In addition to felling the wood from the trees and waiting for the leaves to drop an item, there are other measures to find apples that are perhaps much more effective .

Find apples in the home chest

Before creating a new Minecraft world, you can configure the game so that there is a chest with various items near your spawn zone . In this bonus or starter chest you can find various things, from wood to tools, and even ready-made meals too.

However, there is a wide possibility that you will find two or three apples which we recommend not eating when you are hungry. Keep them in a chest to be able to use them later in something more useful such as horse breeding , for which apples are useful.

Buying them from the villagers

Minecraft villagers have the power to sell you apples in exchange for other items , usually emeralds or some other variety. They can be the quickest and most efficient way to get apples after the bonus chest, especially since the villagers will always have their item for sale. It is a source of unlimited golden apples.

In chests around the world

Minecraft has many biomes and fortresses that go according to the biome where you are. Inside the fortresses you expose yourself to different dangers, either from traps or from unscrupulous enemies. But the rewards you find inside a fortress can be totally worth the effort and any possible dangers overcome.

What’s more, you can even get the coveted golden apples, and in some cases the very rare enchanted golden apples.

In the woods

Although it seems very little effort relative to the other ways, you may find apples just lying on the ground in wooded biomes.

How to get golden apples

Golden apples are a variation of apples that have more than just feeding the player. But one of the things that makes it stand out is that, for every world you create, there will only be a total of thirty of them spread across the map . In addition, currently in the most recent versions they can no longer be manufactured.

In the old days, you could make or “craft” them by placing an apple in the middle of the crafting board and surrounding it with gold bars. This taking into account that getting gold in Minecraft is not an easy task.

But as of update 1.12 this method of obtaining has been deprecated. You can simply get the total of 30 apples by searching for them in fortresses and chests scattered throughout the Minecraft world.

There is also a variation of the golden apples which are enchanted and make you basically invincible against any enemy . However, they cannot be crafted, so obtaining them is limited to the chances of finding it, which are very low.


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