How to get and use a silk touch pickaxe in Minecraft? – Silk touch peak

Minecraft is considered one of the most versatile games since its launch. This is not only because it has different ways to play it (and the fact that you can get it in several versions on its page ), but also because of its wide range of tools and options that facilitate the experience, among which getting and using a silk touch peak or “silk touch peak”.

How to get and use a Silk Touch pickaxe in Minecraft – Silk Touch Pickaxe

Improvements to getting and wearing a silk touch pickaxe in Minecraft

The new updates to Minecraft have favored various aspects of the game. The silk touch can currently be applied to any object or ” block ” without major complications (of course to do this you must update Minecraft to the latest version in Spanish ).

The effect helps to keep intact any kind of block that is obtained as it is at the precise moment of chipping or excavating. That is, it allows access to the blocks in their original form and not the material or object that comes from it (best of all, you can repair a pick or tool whenever you want without losing the enchantment).

If, in turn, you have a pickaxe that is under another enchantment called “ fortune ”, you can greatly increase the chances of acquiring better quantities of material units from said block or simply store it without taking up too much space in your inventory.

In the same way, getting and using a pickaxe with a silk touch within the game is beneficial for accessing certain materials that are exclusive to the spell, so it can be concluded that it is one of the most coveted effects that Minecraft offers.

Shaped for a silk touch peak

Now, you must bear in mind that not everything is rosy. Obtaining the silk touch is based on a percentage probability according to aspects such as the level and material of the tool that is required to bewitch.


The enchantment can hopefully be unlocked by searching and finding a specific book that contains it. Said book will remain inside a chest until it is opened and discovered by you in a certain passage of the game in general. Getting these artifacts is quite difficult, so as a tip before spending it, first find out how to use enchanted books in Minecraft .

On the other hand, this effect can be achieved through an enchantment table; however, it is not that simple. You must assemble the table and surround it with numerous shelves of books, since it increases the probability of hitting the target (to make an enchantment table you will need to look for a guide). Books ” lend ” valuable information, advantageously contributing to the process of chance.

In addition to the aforementioned, you must have between 25 to 30 levels to double the chances of being rewarded with the spell, otherwise the number of attempts at the enchantment table will be higher and tedious.

As far as the material of the tool is concerned, it is advisable to handle a stone pick in the inventory preferably. As might be expected, there are peaks of other kinds of material that hinder or delay the process by influencing the probability of success.

How to use the silk touch peak correctly?

Once you are the bearer of a victorious result in “Russian roulette” which means opting for the silk touch spell, you can apply it to any tool, in this case a pickaxe.

Remembering, the silk touch allows to extract certain types of blocks intact , without breaking it down into a smaller unit. Understanding this point perfectly, the rest only depends on you and how much you want to chop or dig to advance in Minecraft.

An example of getting and using a pick with a silk touch occurs when mincing diamond ore, the premise will be to obtain it without destroying it .

The same goes for blocks of ice or glass, ideal for decorative purposes. Or with the grass blocks, it will stay whole instead of dirt. You see it? Simple! It is a matter of patience and knowing for sure what it is for and what is convenient for you. Go ahead !


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