How to get all the Watch Dogs trophies on PS4 and PS5

When the first Watch Dogs went on sale, it was surrounded by controversy over the graphical downturn. Also, the city didn’t feel as alive as it did in the ad trailer. However, it is not a bad game if we leave aside everything related to the graphics. As for the duration of the campaign, it can be completed in about 20 hours playing quietly. Now, unlocking all the trophies is another story. This requires many more hours of play.

Watch Dogs not only has a good number of achievements to unlock, there are also a few that put you to the test as a player. For example, System Fumbler requires completing all ctOS intrusions. Then there are several achievements that you get by completing each of the acts and investigations. In short, getting the Platinum trophy takes time .

If we focus on the Watch Dogs campaign. The protagonist is called Aiden Pearce and he is a computer hacker who seeks revenge for a family tragedy . In the Ubisoft game everything takes place in the city of Chicago and you have to hack all kinds of systems. Anything goes as long as you carry out your mission. With that said, let’s see how to unlock all the trophies.


  • Watch Dogs Bronze Achievements and Trophies
  • Silver trophies and achievements
  • Gold trophies and achievements
  • Platinum Trophies and Achievements
  • All Watch Dogs trophy and achievement icons
  • Videos to get Watch Dogs trophies and achievements

Watch Dogs Bronze Achievements and Trophies

  • Hello world:Finish off Maurice Watch video.
  • Justice:Use the crime detection system to kill 20 confirmed criminals Watch video.
  • Family man:Complete act 1 Watch video.
  • Who is Raymond Kenney ?:Complete Act 2.
  • One less, there is another:Complete act 3 Watch video.
  • Memory dump:Perform 10 vehicle kills See video.
  • Communication failure:Use non-lethal incapacitation to prevent 10 civilians from calling to report you. Watch video.
  • Boot cycle: Takepart in 5 different city games Watch video.
  • Magic smoke:Kill 4 enemies with a single use of concentration Watch video.
  • Exit loop:Escape 15 police chases Watch video.
  • Removing Client Privileges:Complete the final mission of the Human Trafficking Investigation Watch Video.
  • Saturday Night Special:Complete the final mission of the Arms Trade Investigation Watch video.
  • Integrity check:Get all 8 disposable mobiles Watch video.
  • Read-only:Complete the final mission of the QR code investigation . Watch video.
  • Darkness Is Coming:Complete the final mission of the investigation into missing persons . Watch video.
  • Social lubricant:Complete the 10th level against the 3 rivals of the drinking game . Watch video.
  • Superhighway:Complete 10 public online races Watch video.
  • Tracked:Be followed 5 times Watch video.
  • T-Bone: Friends in distress –Complete Act 1.
  • T-Bone: Difficult to fix:Complete Act 2.
  • T-Bone: Pest Control:Complete Act 3.
  • T-Bone: Under the control of the mafia:Complete 20 missions of the Chicago South Club Watch video.
  • T-Bone: Second Amendment:Complete 20 Militia missions Watch video.
  • T-Bone: Irreparable –Complete 20 Agent Missions.
  • T-Bone: Complete circuit:Complete 29 driver missions Watch video.
  • T-Bone: Fighting team:Complete 10 cooperative missions Watch video.
  • T-Bone: Looking for trouble:Complete all secondary investigations . Watch video.
  • T-Bone: Negative Eugenics – Blowup the RC car and kill 4 enemies at once. Watch video.

Silver trophies and achievements

  • End of journey:Complete 40 agent contracts Watch video.
  • Hitting Bottom:Complete all gang hideouts . Watch video.
  • They call him the vigilante:Complete all investigations Watch video.
  • Peephole:Complete all invasions of privacy Watch video.
  • Driving Fury:Complete all Criminal Convoys.
  • Revenge:Complete Act 4.
  • To the markers:Mark 100 enemies Watch video.
  • Free radical:Escape a level 5 police chase Watch video.
  • White rabbit object:Escape 15 police radars See video.
  • Radar Proof:Escape a Level 5 Police Radar
  • Hardware failure:Burst a wheel of 15 different vehicles shot See video.
  • Lethal triplet:Kill 3 enemies with a single explosive Watch video.
  • Geolocated:Signpost at all points of interest See video.
  • Disk space full:Unlock all songs with the SongSneak Watch Video app .
  • Hackification: Successfully invadeand hack 10 enemy agents in online hack.
  • Piggyback:Successfully invade and monitor 10 enemy agents in online tracking.
  • Systems fiddler:Complete all ctOS intrusions . Watch video.
  • Invisible cookie:Complete an online follow-up without being detected Watch video.
  • Clean signals:Unlock all the ctOS towers Watch video.

Gold trophies and achievements

  • Logout:Complete Act 5 Watch video.
  • Freeware:Unlock all skills from the skill tree Watch video.

Platinum Trophies and Achievements

  • 100% Completed:This is the platinum trophy that is automatically unlocked when all other trophies have been unlocked.

All Watch Dogs trophy and achievement icons

100% completed
Sign off
End of journey
Hitting bottom
They call him the vigilante
Road rage
To the markers
Free radical
White rabbit object
Radar proof
Hardware failure
Lethal triplet
Disk space full
Systems fretter
Invisible cookie
Clean signs
Hello World
Family man
Who is Raymond Kenney?
One less, there is another
Memory dump
Communication failure
Cranking cycle
Magic smoke
Exit loop
Withdrawing client privileges
Saturday night special
Integrity check
Read only
Darkness is coming
Social lubricant
T-Bone: Friends in distress
T-Bone: Difficult to fix
T-Bone: Pest Control
T-Bone: Under the control of the mob
T-Bone: Second Amendment
T-Bone: Irreparable
T-Bone: Full Circuit
T-Bone: Fighting Team
T-Bone: Looking for trouble
T-Bone: Negative Eugenics

Lastly, let’s talk about performance. Watch Dogs moves at 30 frames per second on PS4 and runs at 900p , just like on PS4 Pro. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it works on PS5 as it is a backward compatible game. However, some PS4 features may not be available on the new Sony console.


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