How to Get All Fallout 4 Holotapes and Unlock Retro Games on Your Pipboy

Learn how to unlock all the retro games on your Pipboy in Fallout 4 by collecting holotapes scattered throughout the Commonwealth. Start your gaming adventure now!We give you the location of all the game Holotapes that you can use to enjoy even more in the Fallout 4 wasteland.

How to get all Fallout 4 holotapes and unlock retro games on your Pipboy.

Red Menace

Inspired by the classic Donkey Kong and is the first one you’ll find, quite easy, given that it’s in Vault 111. Head to the cafeteria, interact with the arcade terminal and start the game, and don’t forget to eject the tape to take it with you.

Atomic Command

It’s based on the classic Missile Command and is about shooting down missiles before they destroy the world. To find it, follow the road southeast from Sanctuary to reach the city of Concord and then approach the Museum of Liberty. Enter the museum, head to the top floor, go to the room at the end of the hall, and you’ll have the Holotape on one of the desks, next to a terminal.

Zeta Invaders

Inspired by the classic Space Invaders, and to do so you must go to Diamond City, then go to Valentine’s detective agency, go to the desk in the back right corner of the room and next to the magazine you will have the copy of the game.


Inspired by the classic Pitfall, and located in Fort Hagen. So go to the Fort Hagen command center, and next to the magazine you will find the Holotape in the same room where you talk to Kellog. Look behind the white desk, on the floor.


A turn-based RPG, and you find it in Goodneighborhood. You can access this area during a main quest that takes you there.

Go to the Memory Den with Nick Valentine in tow, go to the basement which you can access for the mission, and on the desk next to the left wall you will find the magazine and the game.

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