How to get all endings in Cyberpunk 2077

How to unlock all endings in the new role-playing game CD Projekt Red

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all the endings available in Cyberpunk 2077 . Here you will find all the decisions you need to make to get the final. There are separate achievements associated with the four endings.

The ending of the game can literally depend on one choice that you make during the final mission. But first, Vee and Misty will go to the balcony where your friend Jackie Wells once made an important decision. Talk to Johnny Silverhand. The balcony action you choose will define two paths. The easiest option leads to a bad ending, the second leads to four others.

It doesn’t matter what decisions you’ve made before. None of the endings can be missed! After the ending credits, you can choose the option with one more try. The game will take you to the point of no return, before the start of the final mission. You will be able to replay this mission to get different ending options. To save time, I recommend creating a manual save before talking to Misty on the balcony. Then you can simply reboot from now on and try other options. Follow the instructions below to collect each ending!

Ending number 1

In line with this ending, you will help Takemura avenge the death of Saburo Arasaki. As a result, V will go to the space station, where doctors will conduct all kinds of experiments on him, which is associated with a serious head injury. Then you can sign up for their medical program to transfer the mind into a biochip, or return to Earth, but die from your injuries in the coming months.

During the final story mission, you and Misty will find yourself on the balcony. Talk to Johnny, tell him that trusting Arasaki is risky, but worth it. Then take omega blockers and tell Hanako that you will.

During the mission from the epilogue, you will have two additional endings. Doctors operated on V and removed Johnny’s biochip. Continue following the daily routine until Hellman appears in the room. He will offer to sign a contract. There are two options – to sign an agreement with the words “I want to live” or refuse to sign with the words “I am returning to Earth”. If you subscribe, you agree to transfer your mind to virtual reality. If you refuse, you will leave the space station, return to Earth, realizing that in the coming months you will die from your injuries.

Ending number 2

During this finale, you will leave Night City with Aldecaldos and Panama. Aldecaldos is a gang of nomads, which includes Panam Palmer (a nomadic girl whom you will meet in the game’s storyline). Aldecaldos will help you in the final confrontation, and the assault on the Arasaka tower will begin with the Basilisk tank. The viola was stripped by Johnny and Vee. It is up to V to decide what will happen next. In conversation with Alt, go to the well and dive into it to return to the body. Vee will travel with Panama and Aldecaldos to Arizona. The girl promises that, after leaving Night City, she will find a person who will save V’s life.

So, first you need to complete the Panam Palmer side quest chain in order to make an alliance with Aldecaldos (nomads). All this can be done before passing the point of no return. You can also do this after the story if you choose to try again after the end credits, as the game will take you back to the point of no return. Below I will describe all the side missions of Panam Palmer:

  • Riders of the Storm. It will open in the course of the story, after the main quests of Panam Palmer. The girl will call you and ask for help. This will happen in 1-2 days.
  • Don’t call Saul. Will start automatically. Leave the camp after the previous mission, wait a day, and then walk around the city to be called by Panam Palmer.
  • “The Taming of the Basilisk”. During this quest, you will be able to sleep with Panam Palmer.

After that, in a conversation with Johnny on the roof of Vic’s workshop in the For Whom the Bell Tolls quest, tell them that you want to call Panam. And then drink omega blockers, saying that you will turn to Panam for help. A completely different quest chain will begin.

More details. Again on the balcony with Misty, talk to Johnny, but instead of trusting Arasak, call Panam. Tell V that you will ask Aldecaldos and Panamas for help. Take omega blockers. After defeating Adam Smasher, interact with the AI ​​and enter cyberspace. Talk to Johnny and Alt. Say that you would like to live the rest of your life. Return to your body (do not cross the bridge to cyberspace). You will see a good ending.

Ending number 2 (alternative)

Then you can reboot and agree to enter cyberspace. This choice will lead to V staying with Alt and Johnny in his body. Do the same, just linger in cyberspace. In the epilogue, you will control Johnny, who will honor V’s memory, buy Steve a guitar, and then leave town.

Ending number 3

In this ending, you become the legend of “Afterlife”, and Johnny is forever stuck in cyberspace. Complete the Beast side quest line to form an alliance with her and Johnny Silverhand. All this must be done before passing the point of no return. Load your manual save or end the game in another way and choose another try.

You will need to deal with Johnny’s past, and then take the Beast on a date. On the balcony with Misty, tell Johnny that you should contact the Beast. Then take your pills to transfer control to Johnny. After defeating Adam Smasher, you will find yourself in cyberspace. Johnny will decide who gets the body. To get his Vee back, walk across the bridge to cyberspace. After that, you will see several tasks, and at the very end, V will be in open space, where he will depressurize his spacesuit.

Ending number 3 (alternative)

Everything is the same, but instead as Johnny, dive into the well. The same quest will begin as in the case of the alternative ending # 2. Johnny will eventually leave town.

Ending number 4

Vee commits suicide on the balcony where Misty took him. Talk to Johnny and tell him that it all can end right now. Throw away the omega blockers, then watch the final video.

Ending number 5

To see this ending, your relationship with Johnny must be high. Open the menu with the I key and pay attention to the three pictures with percentages at the top of the screen. You are interested in the picture in the middle, “Happy Moments”. So, in order for Johnny to agree to such a crazy step, you will have to pump this parameter to 100%.

So, when you find yourself on the balcony where Misty leads you, do not take omega blockers, but do not refuse to do so. Just sit and wait, looking at the box that contains the gun. Note that you will have to wait a few minutes until Johnny speaks. And he will speak to you only if you tried to avoid disputes with Silverhand, did not insult, but on the contrary supported him in every possible way. At the same time, before the option “Take omega-blockers” appears, in a conversation with Johnny on the balcony, select the option that will allow Johnny to go to the tower of Arasaka with the Bestia. Read ending # 3.


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