How to get a Sweet Mistress plate in Genshin Impact

There are hundreds of missions you can undertake as you make your way through Tevyat, but not all of them are about killing Hillichurls or fighting Fatui. Sometimes it just comes down to cooking a good meal. Here’s how to get the sweet lover’s plate in Genshin Impact if you’re having trouble completing the Old Tastes Die Hard World mission.

As you probably already know, this quest tasked you with satiating Mr. Zhu’s appetite for one of his favorite dishes called Sweetened Mistress. Zhu is found southeast of Luhua Pools in Liyue, sitting at a table overlooking the water below.

How to get a Sweet Mistress plate in Genshin Impact

The catch in this quest is that the dish that Mr. Zhu is looking for actually has a different name, and it’s a dish that you’ve probably cooked hundreds of times already, given its usefulness in replenishing HP.

The dish is called Sweet Madame and it only requires x2 poultry and a sweet flower to prepare.

You can get poultry by killing birds, while sweet flowers are scattered in abundance almost everywhere in Tevyat.

Once you have the ingredients, you can prepare your food at the convenient cooking station nearby. From there, give Mr. Zhu the recipe and he will complete the mission. You will receive a different recipe as a reward.

And that’s all you need to know how to get Sweetened Mistress in Genshin Impact. For more helpful tips and guides on the game, be sure to check out the dlprivateserver Wiki Guide.

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