How to get a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley

A rabbit
‘s foot can be a difficult object to obtain in Stardew Valley . You must
have a rabbit foot to complete a golden scroll to restore the community
center and it can be used as a gift that the vast majority of people will love
(everyone except Penny, who hates it). There are a few other uses for the item,
including a negative result in the Group 10-Heart event. There are a few
paths to get this item thankfully. Here’s how to put the foot of a Stardew
 rabbit .

How to
catch a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley

The first
and most definitive way to get a rabbit’s foot is to buy it. Occasionally, the
Travel Cart will go on sale for 1.695-2.825g. If you’re having a
hard time dropping a rabbit’s foot from the other methods in this article,
see if the travel cart has it in stock.

You can
also earn a rabbit’s foot by raising rabbits on your farm. Treat them right and
boost their happiness and mood by dropping them one in the morning. Simply walk
into the cage they reside in, and he will be lying on the ground. This is
more of a rare drop, but it’s probably the safest way of assuming you’ll
eventually get one.

the rabbit’s foot has a very small chance of falling when defeating the snakes in
Skull Cavern. There is only 0.8 chance that the snake will release the
death object , so the other two methods are probably more reliable, albeit unsecured
and expensive in one case.

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