How to get a quality stomach in Monster Hunter Rise

Quality items can be difficult to find in Monster Hunter Rise. In addition to being only obtainable during high-ranking missions, they are generally dropped by monsters that you generally don’t expect to hunt them down. As such, you’ve probably wondered how to get quality stomachs in Monster Hunter Rise without making any progress towards getting one.

Luckily for you, we found the answer after some trial and error. Below is a detailed tutorial on how to get this bulk craft item.

How to get a quality stomach in Monster Hunter Rise

There is only one way to get a quality stomach in Monster Hunter Rise, and that is by hunting the insectoid Altaroth on a high-ranking mission.

Fortunately, this is not at all difficult to achieve. Altaroth appears in multiple areas in most areas of the game. They also have a 55% chance to drop a Quality Stomach when its remains are sculpted, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting one or two. After a single field trip.

We’ve listed all of their locations below, which you can explore at your leisure.

Area Zoned
Sanctuary ruins 8
Frozen islands 6
Sand plains 6
Flooded forest 13, 14
Lava caves 1, 4

What are stomachs for?

As for what you can create using a quality stomach in Monster Hunter Rise, the answer is what you would expect.

By using it with other high-level crafting items, you can create quite strong armor. This armor will help you take on the later missions of the game and allow you to navigate to the final story missions and the content of the final game.

Hope this clears up how to get quality stomachs in Monster Hunter Rise . For more information on the game, see our wiki guide. There are many other guides besides current topics like how to get a great fin and what is the weakness of the Magnamalo.


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