How to get a polar katana in Project Slayers

In the Project Slayers 1.5 update, we got a lot of new goodies, and one of the most popular of them is the new katanas. As my personal favorite type of sword, katanas are very powerful in this game and as a result, very desirable among the community. But getting to them is not easy, and players in particular had a hard time finding the Polar Katana. This guide will help you find it in Project Slayers.

Location of Polar Katana at Project Slayers

The Polar Katana in Project Slayers is found in a hole at the bottom of a frozen lake in the Ouwohan map. Talk to Horse Guy and go to the location. As you approach the lake, look for a small island with a tree. Jump into the frozen water and swim towards it. You should see a hole at the bottom of the lake as soon as you swim up to it and dive into the water. Start going down the hole until you get into an underground cave. The Polar Katana will be in the room right in front of you. Prerequisites for Polar Katana:

  • Cloud Katana
  • Katana Falls
  • Whirlwind Katana

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The Polar Katana is a powerful version of the katana that can freeze everything it comes into contact with. To buy a Polar Katana, you will need the following:

  • 75,000/150,000 ven
  • 10 ore

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