How to get a free custom QR code generator and reader

It is very likely that there are terms that you have heard but have not given it the importance it deserves. Such is the case of QR codes, which is talked about a lot but most do not know what they are and what they are used for. But this fact does not detract from its importance and the boom they currently have is impressive, since QR codes can be scanned from your Android or iPhone cell phone.

This is why we want to present you the following article that will allow you to learn how to get a free personalized QR code generator and reader .

How to Get a FREE Custom QR Code Generator and Reader

QR codes are in some way the digital evolution of so-called barcodes and the latter were one-dimensional. Unlike QR codes that are two-dimensional or two-dimensional codes. They are largely a very efficient way to contain information and all you need is a smartphone to read them.

It is very likely that many of you have seen these QR codes in an advertisement on television or in magazines or newspapers. And you are asked to scan the code so that you can enjoy the promotion of any product or so that you get to know it better. The truth is that the use of this code is more popular every day and it would be good to get into the lot.

In Asian countries like Japan they are widely used and very popular and it is expected that they will be in frequent use all over the planet. The next thing that we are going to teach you is going to allow you how to get a free personalized QR code generator and reader , in this way you will be able to generate and read them very easily, just as if you were scanning the WhatsApp Web QR code with the camera frontal.

How to get a free custom QR code generator and reader

So that you can   get a free custom QR code generator and reader , we are going to use a very simple to use tool or application for this. The tool is called QRHacker and you can use it through this Link.  It is very easy to use and as we have said you can create the codes and you can also read them.

Having entered the page, we will see the Generate option on the left side of the screen. Here we can enter all the content of our QR code that we are going to create. We can enter Text, URL, Phone number, etc.

So to go creating content that will be in the QR code, we must select the aforementioned options for it.

In this way we are going to make a clip in the URL option and here we are going to put the web address of our company or business. Then we paste in the area where http: // our URL appears, after doing this we can make a clip in the Generate option and the QR code will automatically appear.

How to use the custom QR code

If we can see on the right side of the code that different options have been generated that will allow us to customize our code. How to change the color, you can also upload a photo or a logo that is representative of your business. After having customized your QR code, you must make a clip on the Save QR option.

When performing this action, a box will appear where it will ask us how we want to save our code. Yes, as an image file or as a PDF document. We select the option that is best to archive it and always have it at hand. Since this code can be pasted in magazine catalogs or on labels or printed publications.

And anyone who scans the QR code will receive all the information it contains about our business, such as name, website, telephone, etc. As you can see, this way of creating QR codes is very easy to do and it is also very useful. Since it allows us to promote our business even for social networks since QR codes can be created to link directly to Facebook for example.

And it’s all you need to   get a free custom QR code generator and reader . The use of this page that is very simple and fast and you will always have it available, the only thing that can be against it is the fact that it is in English but if you work with the Google browser you can solve it.


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