How to Get a Custom URL for Flickr – Quick and Easy

Flickr is a website used mostly by photographers and designers eager to publicize their work within a social network that allows you to maintain the order and quality of their products; counting for the year 2013 with around 87 million users throughout the world, it allows the user to have an online presence.

This website started as a video game project, by the Canadian company Ludicorp in 2004, although they soon got rid of this idea when they saw the potential in what is now Flickr. So much was its commercial success in its time, that in 2005 Yahoo! decides to buy the product, thus replacing Yahoo Photos.

However, the competition for the dominance of the digital images market was soon strongly attacked by other larger galleries, such as Pinterest and Instagram, which, with their accessibility, simplicity in their interface, coupled with the ease of publicizing their work to make sales, they gained more ground.

Therefore, in 2018 what is currently known as Flickr passed into the hands of SmugMug, a paid photographic and audiovisual content hosting service, who acquired Flickr despite not being a currently profitable website, under the premise of avoiding the closure and loss of several thousand photos and jobs and users.

This website is easy to use and free to access for amateurs and professionals who dedicate themselves to photography as a lifestyle and the main way of generating income, making their work known to other users, and allowing their other users to join their profile. social networks, such as Facebook.

Among the most significant advantages of this social network is the ability to grant the user the ability to store up to 1000 high quality photos and videos for free , order their products for quick accessibility and search, as well as a copyright protection service.

In addition to all this, the paid version of Flickr, stylized as Flickr Pro , grants those who pay monthly all of the above, but exceeds the storage capacity to an unlimited number, as well as the maximum resolution in their products, a redeemable quality in comparison to the competition.

The customization process

As we use Flickr, we can put the name with which we want to be found within the social network, either our professional pseudonym, company name, or our real name and surname, as the first option; we can open our account with our email for free and quickly.

Once we have created our account, we can assign a profile photo that best suits and shows our work, as well as we must go to our email to confirm the creation of the account, which will make us have an official account within the page.

The URL theme

Among all the customization options, Flickr assigns us a URL by default , for example!678 for our gallery, or!678 for our profile, however, this can be done Change and customize easily by following these steps.

Open the Google page from your preferred browser , and type in the search engine, then click on the first link, and it will immediately take you to the Flickr page where you must log in, unless the session is open. Then, it will show you a text box where you will put the name with which you want to be located.

If the name you have selected is already in use, the same page will notify you of this, and you will have to choose another, and once it is available, you must be completely sure that it is the user you want, since this process can only be done once; finally, you click on ” OK PROTECT IT ” and the changes will be saved.


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