How to freeze your screen in a video edited with CapCut

The growth of video editing Apps such as CapCut and others has been abysmal taking into account the daily use of videos edited on social networks such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, among others; For this reason, the application provides different tools in order to improve the service for users, such as the option to freeze your screen in a video edited with CapCut.

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  1. How to edit a video to freeze the screen for a moment in CapCut?
  2. What is the process to create a freeze frame on your phone using TikTok?
  3. What applications allow you to freeze a frame in a video on your PC and how to do it?
    1. Final cut pro
    2. Filmora Video Editor

How to edit a video to freeze the screen for a moment in CapCut?

Editing videos in CapCut has been considered very useful for the use of your social networks, since with the videos you give them dynamism and fun . Sometimes you want to change the speed of your videos or highlight epic moments of the videos and the best way is to freeze that moment for the memory, that when the audiovisual is played that moment stands out and you can achieve it in the following way:

  1. The first step to follow is to enter the App and select to create a new project.
  2. Then you choose the video in which you want to freeze a moment.
  3. Locate within the video the frame per second of the moment you want to freeze and press to edit.
  4. You will see a series of editing options located at the bottom of the application.
  5. Scroll the menu to the right until the end.
  6. Click on “Freeze” and the moment you selected will automatically freeze.
  7. Play the video and you will see the final result with the frozen moment.

What is the process to create a freeze frame on your phone using TikTok?

For this, it is important that you carry out the following process:

  1. Enter your TikTok and locate the “frame freeze” filter so that you can add it to your favorites.
  2. Proceed to create your video and then go to the effects area and select go to your favorite effects.
  3. Locate the freeze frame filter and start recording your video.
  4. Press the screen at the moment you want to freeze.
  5. By continuing to record the video with a lot of creativity and the frozen image will be located at the moment you previously selected, making your video much more entertaining and fun.

What applications allow you to freeze a frame in a video on your PC and how to do it?

CapCut is not the only video editing application in which you can freeze a frame, on the contrary you have the possibility to edit videos from your PC using applications such as Final Cut Pro or Filmora Video Editor and then proceed to enjoy your videos. sharing them with your friends or followers on social networks.

Final cut pro

Sometimes it may seem much more comfortable to edit videos from your PC , so you can use the Final Cut Pro application and freeze a frame in the video you want as follows:

  1. Open the Final Cut Pro application on your PC.
  2. Add the video you want to edit.
  3. Choose the moment you want to freeze within the video.
  4. Press the “Edit” option located at the top of the application to see the list of editing tools.
  5. Find the option “Add Frezze Frame” and click there to freeze the frame in the selected frame.

Filmora Video Editor

In the case of Filmora Video Editor, you will have in your hands a slightly more complete tool when taking frozen frames , since you can achieve an effect similar to that achieved with CapCut and Final Cut Pro, such as raising the quality of your videos or stopping it for a moment in the selected frame, just choose the video, locate the moment you want to freeze, right click to see the menu options and select the option “Add freeze frame”.

However, this application goes further and allows you to achieve frozen effects similar to those we observe in TikTok, since it gives you the possibility to capture epic moments of your videos in photographs and add them to it in the freeze frame, to see them all at the same time. time, that is, as they appear with the video playback. To achieve this effect, follow the steps below:

  1. Record your video without the camera shaking and without moving objects in the background.
  2. Open the Filmora Video Editor appand select the video to edit by dragging it onto the timeline.
  3. Watch the video and choose the first image you want to freeze.
  4. Locate the image and proceed to take a snapshot by pressing the camera icon that is located at the bottom of the video player.
  5. Now find a photo in the media library located on the left side of the application and drag it to the timeline until it is located on the video, right in the place where you captured it.
  6. Extend the duration length to the end of the video so that the image is frozen there for the remainder of the video.
  7. Repeat the process several times until you add multiple frozen photos.
  8. Click on the first image to see its properties.
  9. Locate the part of “Composition” and in the blending mode choose “Darken”.
  10. Repeat the process with each frame and voila, play the video and you will see the sequence of the freeze frame similar to the “frame freeze” effect of TikTok.
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