How to freeze or lock the position of a picture in Word easily?

Microsoft Word is the programming par excellence for the creation and edition of texts. This offers you very versatile functions. One of them is to place images in the document. However, these move when the writing is modified. To avoid this, it is possible to freeze or lock the position of an image in Word .

The possibility of inserting images to the document is one of the most used tools of this program. Despite this, not everyone knows how to get the most out of it. What can be frustrating when making use of it.

Today it is possible to download and install Microsoft Office in Google Chrome for free and enjoy Word. Even compressing a Word document with images so that it weighs less , similar to the function that will be studied next.

Freeze or lock the position of a picture in Word

As mentioned previously, a recurring problem that many users complain about is that, when inserting an image into a Word document, unlike creating a macro document in Word , it changes as the text changes.

Repositioning the image every time there is a change can be cumbersome. For this there is a solution. Freezing or locking the position of an image in Word will stop the image from moving, even though the text is constantly changing.

Steps to follow to freeze or lock an image in Word 2007 and 2010

The first thing you should do to benefit from this tool is go to the “Insert” tab located in the top menu of the screen. There select the option ” Image “. After having carried out this action, a file search window will open. There, look for the image you want to use in your document.

Once you have finished doing this action. With the image selected, go to the ” Format ” section of the top menu. There, locate and click the option “Adjust text”.

In this drop-down menu you can choose between different text settings. You can make use of all of them except “In line with the text”, since selecting this option would hinder all the work.

To freeze or block the position of an image in Word you must, in the ” Format ” section, click on the ” Position ” option . Another series of options will appear, choose the one that says “More design options.”

After having done this, it will open the conceptual menu. Go to the ” Position ” section. There you must configure where you want to place the image with respect to the margins of the document.

Keep in mind that for this procedure to work you must click on the “Block delimiter” box that is located in the lower left part of the conceptual menu. To finish, click on ” OK ” and that’s it. Now you can only move the image by dragging it with the mouse.

It must be emphasized that this procedure only works in the 2007 and 2010 versions of the Office program, so if you want to freeze or block an image in Word 2003 you must follow the following steps.

Steps to follow to freeze an image in Word 2003

As explained above, you must add the image you want to work with from the ” Insert ” menu and define the position you want it to have according to the “text adjustment” section . Remember not to select the option “In line with the text”.

To continue with the procedure, you must go to the image toolbar and select the “Image format” option , in the conceptual menu that will appear click on ” Design ” and then on the ” Advanced ” option .

As before, you must configure the position you want the image to have according to the margins of the document. You will do this from the “Image position” section found within the advanced design settings.

When you have the necessary settings, select the ” Block delimiter ” box and press ” OK “. Ready, that’s how easy it is to freeze or lock the position of an image in Word.


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