How to free up space on my iPhone’s internal storage?

Next, we are going to see how to free up space on the internal storage of my iPhone with several fairly simple tips to carry out. No need to install third-party applications or anything similar.

IPhone devices have endless applications available . Surely you are thinking that you will need to download some to free up space on your device and the answer is no, you do not need any.

In today’s article we are going to see how to free up space without using applications and by modifying some options on your device you can save a considerable amount of it.

We have already taught you how to improve the security of your iPhone , now we will teach you how to save space in this simple tutorial that you must follow step by step to free up space in your iPhone’s storage.

How to free up storage space on iOS

Delete old messages

It is very likely that the messages from months ago and you do not pay attention to them. The problem is that these take up a lot of space when they accumulate. For this reason, it is best to delete them all.

For this you will have to go to Settings> messages> Keep Messages . You can change the configuration so that every 30 days the messages are deleted , in this way you save space without having to do anything.

Beware of HDR in photographs

HDR mode manages to blend three different exposures into one photo. The problem is that this can cause it to weigh too much. If you go to Settings> Photos and camera .

What we recommend is that you uncheck the ” Keep normal photo ” option . In this way you only get the HDR which is much better in terms of quality.

Beware of applications

We assume that this is obvious, but we must mention it. Some applications start out weighing little, the download of it in many cases is less than 100 MB. However, over time they end up weighing several GB.

Why is this happening? This is something that is seen a lot with social networks or WhatsApp. Between the sending of multimedia files and the cache of these apps , it accumulates more and more and more, consuming too much storage space.

WhatsApp can consume a large amount of GB if you do not clean the files from time to time. Go to Settings> General> Usage> Storage . If you go to ” Manage storage ” you will be able to see the applications that consume the most.

You can delete the applications that consume the most and all the files will be eliminated with them . Then you can download it again from the App Store from scratch.

How to save space on iPhone by deleting temporary files

Eliminate everything that is not necessary

Be it songs, movies, podcasts, ibooks , etc. All the files that you are not going to use again should be deleted to have more storage space. It is quite common for this to happen when we have applications like Spotify where we can download hundreds of songs to listen to them offline.

Cloud storage is your best friend

It is time to take advantage of the benefits of cloud storage to save space on our device. Thanks to iCloud we have 5 GB of storage totally free. If to this we add an account to Google Drive we would have 20 GB free . Take advantage of the cloud and upload all your photos here so you don’t have to deal with them on your device.

In addition, having them in the cloud is much safer than on your device, which can be lost or damaged. By having files on the internet, you will be able to access them whenever you want and you will have a totally secure copy of them.


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