How to free up memory space on my Android and iOS cell phone without deleting anything?

One of the essential issues when it comes to having a new phone is its memory and storage capacity . Since, depending on its use, which is almost always a mix between work, education and personal use, you may require a lot of capacity.

The depletion of storage space slows down the device’s operating system , increasing user discomfort when using the mobile. There are several alternatives to solve this type of situation, which we will evaluate throughout the article.

Clear space on your Smartphone

However, Android or iOS phones reach a point where either you delete stored information or you simply won’t be able to receive anything anymore. A rather uncomfortable and difficult to digest situation.

Analysis of your memory usage

The first thing you should know is what the memory problem on your mobile device is due to. To do this, you can access the settings panel of your Android or iOS and explore the storage section.

In this way, you will be able to know, first-hand, the amount of space that your photos, music, applications or other types of downloaded files may occupy that may be taking up more space.

I need it, I don’t need it

Now is the time to carry out a thorough exploration on your mobile phone: do you really need all that amount of photos? Have you downloaded a heavy file that you only used once? Are there WhatsApp groups that are constantly active, but the content does not attract the slightest attention?

If the answer is no, then you should start emptying those chats and lighten the weight of your phone.

Check your gallery

Many people tend to have, without realizing it, the same photos or videos repeated over and over again in their gallery. This is definitely not necessary. Start selecting and deleting them from both the main gallery and the trash can.

Cache tricks and histories

Another aspect that may be important when it comes to freeing up the space on your Android or iOS Smartphone is related to its cache data .

These elements are widely used by browsers and social media applications to speed up their loading times.

While it is worth having them, sometimes they could take up much more space than they should . Therefore, it is not bad to remove them after every so often.

The same would apply with your browser histories : how long have you not deleted it? You probably never thought about it. It is another alternative to reduce the amount of space occupied in the memory of the phone.

Files and heavy applications with little use

There are applications that remain installed on the Smartphone and you probably do not even remember them, you have already spent a long time trying to find out what they are for and you have not been able to find an explanation.

It might be time you considered deleting them, especially if their weight is significant enough to obstruct the installation of applications or the download of files that could be much more useful.

WhatsApp data

Returning to the topic of multimedia content on your Android or iOS: many photographs, videos, gifs, documents, links, contacts, audios, voice notes and many other files are shared through the WhatsApp application . And even though not everything shows up on your phone, they take up space .

Enter the “Settings” panel of the application, click on the “Data and storage” section and then access the “Storage use” section.

Then, all the chats will be shown, as well as the total weight of each of them. When selecting a chat, the number of messages and content sent and received will be displayed. In the final part of the menu, you will find the option “Free up space”, where you can decide what type of files to delete .

Using the Cloud

Another interesting alternative to partially delete content that may be taking up a lot of space on your Android or iOS is the use of information clouds, in which you can save all your files, photos and videos. You can download them to use them in a timely manner and delete them again


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