How To Forward Several Gmail messages at the same time

There is no doubt that Gmail is the most widely used email service in the world, thanks to its large storage space, interesting functions, it is possible to access mail from any device connected to the Internet and all this for free . In addition, we can add a lot of extra functions through the large catalog of extensions developed for the mail service when we use it from the Google Chrome browser.

Next, we are going to show several ways to send or forward messages, something that will surely be great for you to handle Gmail more easily. It can be of great help to know how to forward several messages at the same time, how to send mass messages or as emails to several at the same time by customizing them. Well, all that we want you to know how to do once you finish reading this article.

Forward multiple Gmail messages at once

Before we can do this, we have to download an extension for Google Chrome called Multi Forward for Gmail . It is available to add to the browser from the Chrome Web Store at this same link and as its name suggests, it allows you to forward multiple Gmail messages at once.

Therefore, when we want to forward several emails to some of our contacts, we will no longer have to go through each of the messages individually, but we will be able to do it all at once thanks to this extension for Chrome from Gmail.

Once we have it installed is when we must open the Gmail site.

  • Now we select one or more email messages from our inbox.
  • We will see how a new icon appears in the top menu right next to the trash can that allows us to quickly forward the selected message or messages.
  • As soon as we do this, a window will appear in which we can indicate the email addresses of the contacts to whom we want to forward the selected messages. We do not need to know them by heart, since the extension will show us the contacts that correspond to the address or name that we are writing as it happens from Gmail.
  • Once all the addresses have been entered, we just have to click on the MultiForward button and forwarding will be done automatically.

Therefore, we will no longer have to go around entering each and every one of the messages that we want to forward to access this option, having to repeat it over and over again. In this way we will only have to select them from the inbox, indicate the address of the recipient or recipients and we will have everything resolved.

Send the same email to several by customizing it

To be able to send the same message to several users, but customizing it for each one of them, we must install the Mail Merge add-on for Google spreadsheets, giving it the relevant permissions because if not, it will not function correctly.

  • Once installed we will see how a spreadsheet is opened in Google Docs in which we already have the add-on so that we can use it.
  • Now we are going to create a template of the email that we want to send through Mail Merge, clicking on Add-ons .
  • At this time we must look for the Mail Merge with Attachments option and then Create Merge Template .
  • We will automatically see how a header with different columns such as name, surname, email address, attachments, date of shipment and status is added to the spreadsheet .

These columns are editable, but we should not delete them, since they are mandatory for everything to work correctly.

  • Now we will add the contacts by clicking on Plugins , then on Mail Merge with Attachments and then on Import Google Contacts . So we are going to import our contacts from Google and we can place them in the excel columns.
  • The Scheduled Date column is where we can indicate the date and time we want the custom messages to be sent.
  • Once we have completed the excel to our liking, we are going to create the email message and for that we must go to Gmail and click on Write new message .
  • We write the message and in the parts that we want to be personalized, we just have to write the syntax {{field name}} , being clear that we must replace the field name with the name of the column of our Excel template.

Now all we have left is to configure the mail merge, so we must do the following:

  • We go back to the Google Docs sheet and click on Add-ons, then on Mail Merge with Attachments and then click on Configure Mail Merge.
  • Now we must complete our sender information and click Continue .
  • Next we will select Use an existing Gmail draft message as template  and  Select Gmail draft.
  • On this screen it allows us to send a test so that we can see that everything works well, and if so, we just click Run Mail Merge, from the Mail Merg spreadsheet, so that it automatically starts sending the emails to each contact with your customization.

Send the same email to several at the same time

In Gmail we can write an email and send it to several contacts at the same time, that is, what is known as mass email sending. To perform this task we have to follow these steps:

  • We enter Gmail, logging in.
  • Click on Compose , button that is on the left side of the screen.
  • Next, we click on To , which will cause another menu to appear where we can choose between My Contacts , All contacts or a group of contacts that we have created.
  • After choosing which option we want, click on Select all and we will see how all the contacts are marked at once. We can remove the contacts to whom we do not want to send the message and, after doing so, click on Select .
  • The last thing we will have to do is write the subject, the text of the message and once finished, all you have to do is click on Send . That easy.


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