How to format an iPad Mini to return it to factory settings

With the use that we give our devices every day, they tend to get slower and fill up, leaving us with very little space , for this it is advisable to perform a cleaning or formatting , which refers to deleting the files and leaving our device in factory state, that is, I will leave it as it was with respect to the software when we bought it.

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  1. How to make a backup if we want to keep the data?
  2. Different ways to factory reset
    1. From settings
    2. With iTunes on Mac or PC
  3. How to delete all content from iCloud?
  4. What to do if I forget the code or Apple ID?
  5. How to contact Apple support?
  6. Alternative to format the iPad Mini
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How to make a backup if we want to keep the data?

Probably your iPad Mini device is presenting problems with the software, for these cases it is best to perform a format, which will erase all your data. But what if you don’t want to lose all your data ? This is when the backup comes in, which allows you to save all your files on an external memory or in the cloud. It should be noted that there are 2 methods to carry out this process, the most common is from the same device.

While the least common is to do it through a computer. For both processes we need that our device does not present a failure with the Wi-Fi connection . To perform the method using the device, follow these steps:

  1. We go to settingsand touch our profile or name located at the top of the screen.
  2. We enter the section that says iCloudand we will be shown all the options that we can support, we have to choose all or those that suit us best.
  3. We go down to the end and enter the backup option in iCloud, we press where it says to make a backup.

Worth mentioning, if you have this option activated, your phone will make a backup copy from time to time, it is highly recommended that when this happens we connect our phone to the power so that it does not turn off when making the copy.

On the other hand, if we want to perform this method using a computer, it has an advantage over the previous method, since apart from saving backup copies in the cloud, it also saves them on our computer . We have to perform the following steps:

  1. We download the iTunes program to our computer and open it.
  2. We connect our phone to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. We focus on the Backup section, here we are given to choose if we want to make the copy through iCloud or on the same computer.
  4. We choose the option that suits the most and click the Make backup now button.

If you made the copy using the computer, you should know that all the files are saved at the following address: Computer> Local disk C:> Users> You choose your user> Apple> MobileSync> Backup. There you will find all the backup copies that we keep on our PC.

Different ways to factory reset

If we already made the backup of our phone, it is most likely that we want to restore it to the values ​​that come from the factory, this in the world of technology is also known as “Hard Reset” . This method can be done from the phone’s settings, turning it off and using the volume and power buttons to enter the recovery mode or through a computer.

From settings

For this method, only the phone is used, it is necessary that it is turned on and operational, we must follow the following steps to restore it by this method:

  • From the phone settings, we have to close our iCloud account.
  • We go to the section that says General, and then to reset.
  • We will be shown several options, in this case we choose the one that says Delete content and settings.
  • We give it where it says Delete iPhone and we wait for the process to finish, at the end of this process we have to follow the instructions that are given to us to start using our phone.

With iTunes on Mac or PC

For this process we will occupy a PC or Mac with the iTunes program installed and updated, taking that into account, it is only a matter of performing the rest of the steps:

  • We connect our iPhone or iPad via USB cable to our Mac or PC with iTunes open.
  • We put our device in DFU mode, for this we press the home and power button at the same time until it turns off.
  • When the phone turns off, we release the power button, this without releasing the home button for a few seconds until the computer detects it.
  • Once our device is detected, we click where it says Restore iPhone, then we click Restore and update.
  • We will download the latest version of the system, this may take depending on the internet speed, it is just a matter of waiting for this process to finish.

How to delete all content from iCloud?

By saving so many images, messages, videos, music or files in our iCloud storage, this sooner or later will fill up, that is why it is advisable to clean every so often , this is done by removing files that we do not use.

This process is quite simple, since it only requires that we enter our iCloud account . Since we are looking to delete all the content from iCloud, we have to select everything, that is, photos, videos, voice notes, files and so on. We can also delete our iCloud account , but this is an extreme case that is mostly used when you want to sell your iPhone, iPad or other Apple device.

What to do if I forget the code or Apple ID?

Having this code saved is very important, because we use it to log in to the different services offered by Apple. To do this, go to the Apple ID account page and click where it says ” You have forgotten your Apple ID or password .”

After this you will be asked to enter some of your personal data that you have affiliated with the Apple account, such as names, surnames, dates and email. With this data the search algorithm will show you your Apple ID.

How to contact Apple support?

To contact Apple support, there are different methods, whether we go to one of the offices that are all over the world, make a call to the Apple technical support telephone number , do it through iTunes, between others.

Alternative to format the iPad Mini

An alternative to the classic way of formatting the iPad Mini is by connecting it to a computer with the iTunes program installed, we go to the iPad settings, then to accounts and passwords, we select the iCloud account.

Then below we deactivate the option that says “find my iPad” and we go back to the computer with iTunes. It is important to have our iPad updated ,


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