How to force Windows 10 to collect diagnostic data

If we want our Windows 10 team to collect diagnostic data and send it to collaborate and improve the system, there is a very quick and easy method to force the collection.

Windows collects system and computer performance information, then sends those feedback to Microsoft at almost any time to improve the product and keep the service always secure. That data, or a large part of it, is used for future updates and improvements that are coming to Windows.

All that data is transmitted to Microsoft and is stored with a unique identifier and that only the company can link that data with an individual user or an individual team.

The diagnostic collection function can be disabled, but it can also be forced and that is what we have come to explain now:

  • Simultaneously press the WIN + Rkeys and the program launcher opens.
  • We write “gpedit.msc”(without quotes) and click OK.
  • The Local Group Policy Editor opens.
  • Now click on Computer Configuration, then on Administrative Templates and Windows Components.
  • Next, we look for Data Collection and Preliminary versions.
  • In the right part of the dialog box we look for Allow Telemetry.
  • We double click on Allow telemetry and a new dialog box opens.
  • We enable the functionand then we choose if we want the data collection to be Security, Required, Enhanced or Optional.
  • Click OKand from now on Windows will collect diagnostic data silently to improve the system in future updates.

If in a while, for whatever reason, we want to disable the diagnostic data collection function, we just have to do the same route, but clicking on Disable. In this way, we remove from Windows the access permissions to our data on the use and behavior of the system and the computer.

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Please note that personal and behavioral data is also collected. That is, how we use the computer, the active hours, what we install, what we use it for, and other private information that is kept encrypted, but that Microsoft knows about us.

The objective is to detect and identify errors and failures and to put solutions, since analyzing the activity of the computer and the behavior of the same can be useful to solve common problems of Windows 10 . Still, Windows 10 updates are still a disaster and a lottery, as we never know if installing them will fail or not.


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