How to force update Android and EMUI on Honor and Huawei

If you own a Huawei or Honor smartphone, you may be wondering how to force an update of its EMUI operating system (based on Android) to make sure you have the most recent version.

Under normal conditions, a Huawei or Honor mobile should notify you with a notification if it has a new version available . You can also check it manually from the settings, in the following menu:

Settings -> System -> Software update -> Check for updates

When this standard procedure fails, we will have to force the update, to obtain the most recent versions of Android and EMUI.

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We are going to see, step by step, three options: use the HiSuite program by connecting the mobile to a computer, the unofficial Huawei Firmware Finder app and, finally, check for a beta version of software to test.

HiSuite on the PC

HiSuite is a program for computers (Windows or Mac) that allows you to manage contacts, messages, videos and images on a Huawei or Honor device with EMUI.

A bit in the style of iTunes, it lets us make backup copies, reset the system and, the important thing in this case, force the Android update. From the official website you can download the HiSuite installer:

  • Download HiSuite for Windows or Mac
  • First we install HiSuite as a normal program, in Windows basically it is by clicking the “Next” button, while in Mac we put the file in the programs folder:
  • We connect the mobile to be updated with a USB cable to the computer , we open HiSuite and accept its use in the terminal:
  • Also on the PC or Mac we have to accept the permissions that you request:
  • Now we access the main HiSuite screen, we have to click on “Update system” to check if there is new Honor or Huawei software available and force the update:

This is the most basic system to force the arrival of new versions of EMUI and Android to our team, since we are using an official program from the manufacturer.

In case we do not obtain the expected result, we are going to know two more advanced alternatives.

Huawei Firmware Finder

Huawei Firmware Finder is an Android application , available in the Android Google Play store, that collects many versions of the operating system . Not only the official ones, but also third-party ROMs, that is, created by the user community.

The application suffers limitations, for example, right now it does not allow forcing the update if we have EMUI 9, because the manufacturer’s security prevents it, at least as long as the users do not overcome it.

On the other hand, from EMUI 4 to EMUI 8.1 we can take advantage of Firmware Finder.

  • Download Huawei Firmware Finder for Android

The problem is that this app is only a starting point to force the update, which requires advanced knowledge , or we could even leave the mobile without working.

Firmware Finder will give us a list of Huawei (and Honor) updates, but to obtain them we must follow different advanced procedures, whether it is rooting the mobile , using a recovery like TWRP or installing from a proxy.

Each model will require its own system, which may even change depending on your EMUI version. In conclusion, Firmware Finder is reserved for advanced users willing to try new things.

Use a beta version

Another solution to force the update, in some specific cases, is to enroll the smartphone in the EMUI beta program , where this customization layer is tested on the latest version of Android.

The “betas” are trial versions, which sometimes contain bugs, although the ones that are offered to the public are almost always stable. The biggest problem is that these betas are usually released for very few Huawei models (even less for Honor), basically only for the latest high-end.

  • We must enter the web from the Honor or Huawei mobile , as it will ask us to download a file:

Web: EMUI beta program

  • As soon as we enter we have a “Download” button , we will press it to obtain the app that checks if we can test an EMUI / Android beta:
  • Now we will open the APK file that is downloaded:
  • In case you do not let us continue, we must allow the installation of APKs from sources outside Google Play , something that is disabled by default.
  • Now we go to the Beta app, and in the “Personal” tab (bottom right) we will find the option to “Join project” :
  • We will see a tab titled “Available projects” where it will indicate if there are trial versions for the Huawei or Honor that have the program installed:

Why didn’t I get the new Android?

Perhaps our failures to force us to receive the new Android are not simply technical. First we must check that Huawei or Honor have launched that version in our model , something that they usually announce on their website or social networks.

Anyway, there are some details to consider that could be causing the delay of the arrival of Android to your mobile:

  • Updates are distributed little by little among users, sometimes you have to wait and we will not be able to force their appearance.
  • That a “Pro” model receives an update does not guarantee that its corresponding “Lite” has it.
  • Deployment is usually done by country, for example launching first in China and then adapting to Europe.
  • If your mobile has been provided by an operator and has customized it, the update may be pending approval by the operator, although Huawei and Honor have already provided it.

With this we will have already tried all the possible alternatives to force the update, but we could experiment with other system customizations, such as changing the letter in EMUI , something quite useful, or giving it a fun touch by putting the iOS emojis in EMUI .

We will not always be able to force the update , but these systems should work if your Huawei or Honor mobile really has a new Android with EMUI available , so check them out.


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