How to force active directory directory synchronization with Office 365

The current use of our electronic devices has defined a generation in its entirety, due to the way in which we access the social networks that we use the most and how we work. In fact, this same work has changed the market a lot, since supply and demand has become very different from what it was before.

With this we refer to how the way people have to buy different products has changed, since now much of the advertising has to be done online or these products have to be sold through different online stores.

There are people who can spend a whole day sitting in front of a computer just playing video games, working or being in contact with those people dear to them. What at first was bad for many because it could cause problems, has become the norm without really visible consequences.

Actually, the daily use of electronic devices is the normal new world, and possibly for a good, considering how we have changed how we live. But, in order to use electronic devices in such a regular way, we must have some basic knowledge about them.

There is no use for us to log into our computers if we do not know how a basic user interface works, as can happen with elderly people who have never had access to this. But, if you want to perform more complex actions than just entering social networks through a computer, you must have an even more extensive knowledge.

Sometimes, it is necessary to know about hardware components, how they work, when to update them , what makes a computer slow or fast, know about files, and even about directories. And, that is why, next we will talk a little about the directory synchronization that there is in Office 365 .

Directory synchronization between Office 365 and Active Directory

When you want to synchronize the local accounts that are in your Active Directory, with those of Office 365, you must make use of Windows Azure Active Directory , which is also known as DirSync . Actually, this is an almost automatic process as your local directories will be synced with DirSync immediately.

But if you want to synchronize your Active Directory directories with those of Office 365, you will have to make use of Windows Azure Directory to be able to transfer all the relevant information, as I will teach you next.

How to do the synchronization?

First, you must bear in mind that to install DirSync in Active Directory, you must have .Net 3.5 and .Net 4.5 installed . Once this is verified, you must download the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync tool and follow the instructions that appear on the screen after you open its Setup.

Through the installation, you will have to accept the user terms and conditions, and follow the instructions that come out until the program is installed.

When this is ready, open the DirSync and enter your username and password that you use for Office 365, and then check the password synchronization enablement.

After this, you will have to accept and see how the directories you need are synchronized with Office 365, and the program will notify you when that is ready. Now, when you get the “ready” window, just click “finish” and your directories will be ready.

Remember that you can verify that the process has been carried out successfully by downloading the Synchronization Service Manager program on your computer and using it to select the Windows Azure Active Directory Sync folder and reviewing the import process.


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