How to fly or stop flying in Minecraft in creative and survival mode

One of the games that in its different versions has marked a before and after in survival games and world creation is without a doubt Minecraft . But even if we spend many hours glued to this visual entertainment, we would not know how to perform some skills. Today we want to teach you how to fly or stop flying in Minecraft in creative and survival mode.

How to Fly or Stop Flying in Minecraft in Creative and Survival mode

In Minecraft it is possible to fly when you are in creative mode , but if you want to fly when you are in survival mode. You must apply certain tricks for this to be possible, since by default it is not possible to do so, if you play on computers with Mac or Windows operating systems . And also if you find some rare objects they will grant you this ability to fly.

But you must remember that certain cheats are only available for the desktop versions of Minecraft and you will not be able to fly even in survival mode on consoles or in the Pocket Edition.

How to fly or stop flying in Minecraft in creative and survival mode

We are going to show you an infallible method with which you will be able to fly in Survival mode when you play Minecraft on the computer. And to do this, you must first enable the cheat console, but even so, if it is not possible for cheats to be allowed when you have created the world , it is possible to enable this ability in the world.

Therefore we are going to do the following, on the keyboard press the ESC key, in this way the menu will open, then click on the Open to LAN option . The next step is to select the Allow cheats option and finally click Start LAN world. If you have carried out the indicated steps perfectly, you will have enabled the cheats.

It is important that you know that if you are on single player servers, only administrators and owners can have access to the console. In this sense, you must go to one of them, so that you play in Spectator mode. In this way you will be able to fly but you will not make interactions with anything in the game.

Now what you should do is type / gamemode c and this way you can enter Creative mode . And for this you will not need to access the console, just by pressing / it will open. And the ability to fly will be automatically enabled in the GAME. Among other things you can do, you will have an unlimited inventory and you will be immune to damage.

To be able to fly using the keyboard, you must press the space bar twice, if you have a controller for games, also press the jump button twice. With this same key you will move and when you fly and want to go up in the air, you only have to hold down the key or button to jump , to descend you must press the crouch key.

To do this with the keyboard you must press the left Shift key, you will stop flying the moment you touch the ground. You can return to Survival mode whenever you want and for this you just have to write / gamemode s , but you must be careful, because if you do it when you are flying you will inevitably fall to the ground.

Second method to fly or stop flying in Minecraft in creative mode

This method will be applicable on both consoles and computers, and to start choose a world in Creative mode. Afterwards, you must press the key or the button twice to jump, the flight will start immediately, if it does not you must press the key or the button more quickly. Once the flight starts and you want to climb higher, hold down the key or button to jump.

To descend you must press the key or button to crouch, if you are on a computer it will be the left Shift key and on Xbox the R button. On the PlayStation you must press the right joystick down.

And in the same way, when it touches the ground it will stop flying. That’s how easy you have learned how to fly or stop flying in Minecraft in creative and survival mode.


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