How to flash the BIOS in an Acer laptop

The Basic Input / Output System (BIOS) is the software stored on the computer motherboard. Every time you turn on your Acer laptop, the BIOS runs a series of system tests to make sure everything is working properly. If you’ve recently installed a new hard drive or downloaded software that your motherboard can’t handle, you may need to flash your BIOS to a newer version. Acer uses a special utility that allows you to flash the BIOS without having to boot your computer from a floppy disk as you would with most other brands of motherboards. Instructions

  • Turn on your Acer laptop and wait for the operating system to be fully loaded. Double-click the desktop icon that corresponds to your web browser. Click on the address bar at the top of the window and select the Acer support site (see Resources).
  • Click on the search box and enter in the phrase “WinPhlash.” Wait for the search results to appear and click on the WinPlash download page. Click on the download link. Return to your computer desktop and open the “My Computer” icon.
  • Navigate to the folder where the WinPhlash file was downloaded. Right click on the file and choose the “Extract to WinPhlash \\” option.
  • Go back to the web browser and navigate back to the Acer Support page. Click on the link that corresponds to your physical location and then choose “Notebook” from the type computer menu. Click on the product line and then the specific model of your Acer laptop.
  • 5 Click the “BIOS” tab under the information for your laptop model. Click the orange download button and wait for the file to complete the download. Go back to the “My Computer” window and find the file. Right click on it and choose the option to extract the file.
  • Open the extracted folder and find the BIOS file which has the extension “. WHP”. Click on the file and drag it to the WinPhlash folder you extracted earlier. Double-click the WinPhlash program file.
  • Find the entry labeled “Specify New BIOS File” and click the “Browse” button. Click on the “.WHP” file that has been moved to the previous folder. Click the “Flash BIOS” button to begin the flashing process.
  • wait for the flashing process to finish and then click the “OK” button when a window appears asking you to restart your computer.
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