How to fix WINTRUST.DLL is missing error in Windows 10

As the error may occur, opengl32. dll , you might notice the WINTRUST.DLL is missing error, especially when trying to access the Access tool. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn  How to fix WINTRUST.DLL is missing error in Windows 10 easily

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  1. What is the WINTRUST.DLL file?
  2. How to fix WINTRUST.DLL is missing error in Windows 10 easily

What is the WINTRUST.DLL file?

WINTRUST.DLL is a type of Win32 DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file and is usually known as Microsoft Trust Verification. This file was created by Microsoft and is part of the Windows Operating System package.

The first version of this file was released in 2006 for the Windows Vista system. While the latest known version of WINTRUST.DLL was created for Microsoft Office Access 2010 .

 What errors does the WINTRUST.DLL file include?

One of the errors that occurs with the WINTRUST.DLL file is related to the absence of said file, therefore, the operating system cannot find it. Also, there may be an access violation at the address where WINTRUST.DLL is located or the file cannot be registered.

Additionally, some users are unable to access Microsoft Office Access 2010 when the WINTRUST.DLL file fails. In certain circumstances this file cannot be loaded or it is corrupted. Therefore, it is required to reinstall the application to solve the error.

How to fix WINTRUST.DLL is missing error in Windows 10 easily

If the WINTRUST.DLL is missing error has occurred on your Windows 10 computer, then you may have accidentally deleted the file, have bad sectors on your hard drive, or there is a virus or malware on your system. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the procedure that we explain below.

Restore the operating system

The first step is to restore the Windows 10 system . To start the system restore process you must make sure to activate the search mode . In the search box type “system restore.” Click “System Restore” and enter the administrator password.

Then, follow the instructions presented by the Windows wizard and choose a restore point where you consider that the system worked perfectly. Restart your computer and see if the WINTRUST.DLL is missing error has been resolved.

Reinstall Microsoft Office Access 2010

An error may have occurred when installing the Microsoft Office Access 2010 application . Therefore, you must uninstall this tool and reinstall it by accessing the Microsoft website .

To uninstall the application, type in the search engine “unistall” and click on “Add or remove programs.” Locate Microsoft Office Access 2010 and press the “Uninstall” button. Follow the steps indicated by the wizard, restart the computer and then reinstall the program.

Update the Windows 10 operating system

If reinstalling Microsoft Access does not fix the error, then it is recommended to update the system . To do this, go to “Settings” and click on the “Update and security” section. Locate the Windows updates dialog box and press the “Check for updates” or “Check for updates” button.

In case there are updates available, press the “Install updates” button. Once the Windows update process is finished, restart the computer. You will see that this way you can improve performance in Windows 10 .

Install the WINTRUST.DLL file

This step is recommended for advanced users only. To perform the installation process, you must download the WINTRUST.DLL file and replace the previous file that causes the failure. Make sure you get a website that offers a valid list of DLL files for Windows and that they are free of viruses or malware.

Select the operating system you use on your computer and then press the “Download files from WINTRUST.DLL” button. Wait until the download process is complete and continue to the next step.

Use the WINTRUST.DLL file

Next, copy the file you just downloaded to your computer. To achieve this, access the local disk and in the “Windows” folder locate the “WinSxS” folder. There, paste the WINTRUST.DLL file. Also, you must paste the DLL file in the “System32” and “Temp” folders.


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