How to fix WhatsApp Web not working

Follow our advice to find a solution if your WhatsApp Web service does not work

WhatsApp Web is the official client of the popularinstant messaging application for mobiles WhatsApp , a service that allows us to connect to our account from a computer and from which we have already offered you its best tricks . But it is also possible that WhatsApp Web does not work correctly or that it does not even allow us to connect to our account through our computer. Basically, there are four common errors that can affect the WhatsApp Web service and that we will detail below, from mobile connection problems to computer errors related to the Wi-Fi networkto which we are connected. And it is not convenient to forget that WhatsApp Web, as its name suggests, is a website exposed to possible failures and not a program that we can install. Here’s how to fix WhatsApp Web errors if it’s not working properly.

Why won’t WhatsApp Web connect me?

WhatsApp Web is an official WhatsApp website to which we can connect directly by scanning a QR code through the app of our iOS or Android smartphone . Follow our tips to try to find out why WhatsApp Web is not connecting .

Mobile connection errors

WhatsApp Web works through the connection with your mobile , synchronizing the messages that we send and receive automatically and in real time, so that we can consult them on both sites at the same time. In this sense, it is not necessary for both the mobile phone and the computer to be connected to the same internet network, although it is necessary for the mobile phone to have a good data or Wi-Fi connection , since if the mobile does not receive messages they will not appear on the computer either.

In addition, we will have to have the mobile on and fully operational with the official WhatsApp application installed and our account active, so that WhatsApp Web can be synchronized in your computer’s browser . If you still notice that WhatsApp Web is not working properly, go to the next point.

Computer connection errors

As we say, both the mobile phone with our original WhatsApp client and the computer where we use WhatsApp Web must be synchronized for correct operation, with sufficient quality of internet connection, either mobile data or Wi-Fi network. If we check that the mobile has a good connection, perhaps the problem lies with the computer, so that instant communications between both devices are not interrupted at any time.

Therefore, if WhatsApp works well on the mobile but does not respond on the computer, we must check the quality of the connection of the computer equipment ; the easiest thing is to open a new browser tab and go to a random web page to check if the connection is good. If you see that no website opens, restart the wireless or wired connection to the router or restart the router itself . If both connections are fine but WhatsApp Web still doesn’t work, read on.

Errors in WhatsApp mobile session

If you have checked the connections of both devices and WhatsApp Web is still not working, it is time to check the status of the session in our WhatsApp mobile application . To do this, open the WhatsApp app on your mobile and click on the icon with the three dots (…) located at the top right to display the WhatsApp options menu and thus access the WhatsApp Web option .

This way you will be able to consult the open sessions of WhatsApp Web; click on Close all sessions or close the ones you consider. Now log in to WhatsApp Web again by linking the mobile application to the computer through the QR code system . Now everything should work correctly.

Controlled Wi-Fi network errors

It is also possible that if you have connected to WhatsApp Web through controlled Wi-Fi networks such as those in professional environments or universities, it is possible that some type of connection limitation to WhatsApp Web has been configured , which can cause problems of use if we find messages such as that the Wi-Fi network is limiting the use of the tool . To try to solve the problem, contact the network administrator so that, if possible, allow traffic to:

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