How to fix video problem when VLC shows black screen?

It is natural that sometimes you get to experience video problems with VLC, the most common is when it shows you a black screen, this playback program. Despite being one of the most efficient and popular in this area, it can still be buggy like any other software.

If you want to fix any problem with the software you can always update it to its latest version.

But these are not definitive drawbacks, none are, and it is easy to find the cause and solve it immediately, although, if you are not very clear about the reason for the error, you can try different methods and see if the fault persists.

Top reasons for video problems with VLC

Normally, the error is presented as follows: a black screen appears that appears instead of the corresponding images of the video, throwing different messages that may vary, such as missing components or encodings.

This can occur for a number of reasons, the first of which is a lack of encoders in the program schematics. On the other hand, it can also be a module or element of the OS that prevents playback from being performed correctly.

In addition, it may be the case that, during the download process, the audio and video file has been damaged, for this reason, data may be missing or, more specifically, playback frames, which can lead to video problems with VLC .

VLC is one of the favorite players among users, but on certain occasions it tends to present problems that despite being common tend to be annoying, but do not worry that these are easy to solve.

What options do I have to fix these errors?

The problems that arise in this player are numerous, but there are an equal amount of solutions for the errors that occur in the VLC, and to apply them, you don’t need to be an expert , you just have to be good at following instructions.

Activate the automated repair feature

If the case occurs in which the video has a data problem or is corrupt, the player incorporates a tool that works automatically to correct any error that a file presents, you simply have to activate it.

You can do this from the preferences box, which you can find in the “Tools” tab at the top. When clicking on it, a pop-up window with different sections will open, you must select the one that says “Input / codecs”.

There you will be in the presence of several settings related to said segment, and you must locate the option that says “AVI file damaged or incomplete” that is accompanied by a selection bar. You will have to configure it to “Always repair” and then press “Save”.

Enable additional video components

Another reason why video problems occur with VLC is the lack of add-ons, which can be easily activated, in the same way, from the preferences area in the tools tab.

It also must find the section is called “Video” . In it, you will see a box that will say “Enable video” which will be the first step to complete to enable the additional components, but which will also unlock other options.

These new tables that will be located at the bottom of the aforementioned section. They are secondary settings that can help you optimize playback performance. For example, if the video feels heavy, you can check the box “Expedited video output” to improve it.

Change the scheme for the video output format

For this other method to solve video problems with VLC you will also have to access the preferences area, where all the more specific configuration sections are located.

Now in this case, you should look at the bottom of the arrangement screen. In it you will see a statement that says “Show settings” followed by two options “Simple” and “All”.

In this way, the way of organizing the configurations will change to a much more extensive and complex model, which will be made up of a selection sidebar and a right preview section.

Identify the option “Videos” that will have under ” Output modules” which, when pressed, will show a different unit on the right side, with a single drop-down bar, which you will configure with the option ” OpenGL video output”.

In addition to learning how to fix errors in the player, you should also learn some tricks to help you use the player quickly, some tricks that you may be interested in knowing may be to play a movie with two subtitles at the same time or put a video in the background of screen.


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