How to fix the Sqlite3.dll file missing error not found

We recommend that you read this article to learn how to fix the Sqlite3.dll file missing error not found a common and very annoying error.

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What is the Sqlite3.dll file?

Sqlite3.dll corresponds to a library that stores installation data for certain applications. When this file is not found, errors may occur.

The Sqlite3.dll file can reduce system performance after registry fragmentation and accumulated errors. The system will indicate a missing Sqlite3.dll file, an error loading the file, or a call to an undefined dynamic link.

Causes of the error The Sqlite3.dll file is missing

One of the causes of the Sqlite3.dll file missing error is the presence of faulty applications . This failure usually occurs after an incomplete installation has been carried out so that not all the files required by the program are found.

Similar to the opengl32.dll file missing error , Sqlite3.dll may have been accidentally removed or corrupted by a malicious program. Also, the Sqlite3.dll file is missing error can occur when there are errors in the system logs and even when there are hardware level failures.

How to fix Sqlite3.dll missing file not found error

If you want to correct the error, the Sqlite3.dll file is missing, you must follow a procedure that allows optimal execution of the library as explained below.

Scans the hard drive for viruses and other malicious items

The first step is to rule out the presence of a virus or malware on the computer. To do this, it is necessary to run an antivirus software in safe mode through a thorough scan and check if the Sqlite3.dll file has been replaced by any malicious software.

Apply a system restore

The next step is to apply a system restore . To do this, you must access the Windows settings and click on “Update and security”. There, select the “Recovery” option on the left of the panel.

Then, locate the “Reset this device” section and press the “Start” button. In this way, you can select the files you want to keep and proceed to reinstall the system.

Update the drivers

Sometimes the Sqlite3.dll file is missing error originates due to the existence of outdated drivers . For this reason, you should make sure to update all the drivers that require it.

To do this you can use the Windows device manager from the combination “Win + X” or the website of the manufacturer of each additional device that you have installed in your computer (video cards, webcams, printers, among others).

Reinstall the Sqlite3.dll file

If the above options did not work, you must reinstall the Sqlite3.dll file. To do this, you need to access a website that offers virus-free .dll files . Locate the Sqlite3.dll file, download it and install it in the Windows system folder.

It is important to note that some games also require this file, therefore, you must locate the installation folder of each game and install the Sqlite3.dll file in it.

Update the operating system

It is essential to keep the operating system updated . To do this, you must access Windows settings and click on “Updates and security.” Press the button “Analyze” and “Download and install” so that the system is in charge of searching, downloading and installing the updates offered by Microsoft.

If you have already done this step but the system is faulty, you can repair the update errors that arise after installing the new files.

Use a registry cleaner

If the system has problems with its registries, it is necessary to use a tool that allows to correct this fault. To remove invalid Sqlite3.dll registry entries, CCleaner program could be a great choice with its advanced options as a glitch can cause Sqlite3.dll not found error.

You can also manually access the Windows registry from the start menu. In the search engine, type regedit and press “Enter.” Locate in the new window the directory that corresponds to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and verify the registers that the system software contains.



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