How to fix the speaker below my iPhone

Sound problems with the iPhone are extremely frequent, more than is usually believed. What to do when this happens? How to fix the speaker below my iPhone if it is not heard? In this article we will show you several easy and simple ways. Don’t miss it!

One of the most recurrent failures that iPhone users usually report is the sound: “my iPhone does not sound” , “I can not listen to music through the speaker of my iPhone”, “the speaker of my mobile phone was damaged”, they are the type of complaints iPhone help and support chats receive .

Another problem that you may find related to the speaker of your iPhone phone is when they do not hear you when calls are on speaker.

What to do in these cases?

On countless occasions, the solution is simply to clean your device . With the passage of time and natural handling, dust particles accumulate on your mobile and can obstruct the normal flow of sound.

In these cases, to repair the speaker below my iPhone, it is advisable to be patient. Armed with a used toothbrush, a small towel or a piece of delicate cloth, carry out a thorough cleaning of the mobile, especially in the areas where the computer’s speakers are located.

It is also good to help yourself with a needle or pin to clean the small holes in the horns where the sound comes out. This work must be done with great care , taking care not to damage sensitive parts of the appliance.

Simple way to repair the speaker below my iPhone if it is not heard

It happens that when the accumulated dirt is superficial, a simple cleaning can restore the iPhone to its original sound values . But, this measure does not always solve the malfunction of the mobile sound and it is necessary to go to other deeper actions.

Sometimes the dust particles accumulated on the iPhone can cause involuntary connections of functions to be triggered, such as the case that the headset function is enabled by mistake and that the mobile operating system believes that this listening device is active.

This also usually happens when AirPods are connected to the smartphone, and when disconnected, the headphones function continues to be activated, which causes the speaker of the equipment to lock and simply no sound can be heard.

In order to enjoy your music to the fullest from your Airpods it is important that they also have a proper cleaning.

Steps to activate the speaker

Here are a series of steps to reactivate the speaker function on the iPhone, you just have to follow them to the letter.

  • First of all it is necessary to completely turn off the mobile device. You go to the touch screen and press for several seconds on “Off”.
  • Using a sewing needle, pin, or toothpick, carefully clean the inside of the iPhone speaker, until all accumulated dust is removed.
  • After deep cleaning your iPhone speaker, reboot your device and see if the issue is resolved. They are simple ways to repair the speaker below my iPhone , when it does not sound.
  • In cases where the headset function remains activated even though they are not connected, you must go to the “Settings” of the cell phone and there check if they are enabled or not. If it is positive and they are activated, you give the option to disable.
  • Another alternative that should not be ruled out is when, by mistake, the equipment’s mute function has been connected , which prevents hearing any sound. In these cases you have to check that the sound switch is on and with the appropriate volume.

Reconfigure iPhone

Finally, before going to the help of external technical support, another initiative that can be taken is to make a backup copy of the valuable information that is possessed on the computer and restore the original values ​​of the iPhone.

In short, it is about resetting the iPhone to its factory settings, as if it were new, and loading it with the data saved in the backup. This should restore normality to the computer speaker. We show you several alternatives to repair the speaker below my iPhone.


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