How to fix the problem when the Xbox One screen does not display

If you own an Xbox One you will surely get the most out of it by watching programming like HBO and playing your favorite video games. However, it may happen that it has stopped showing you the image right at the moment you turn it on, this is possibly due to the video settings having changed and they are not compatible with those of your screen.

This is a situation that could occur regardless of the device you own, since there have been great changes with respect to the console and the compatibility of one screen with another . Therefore, if you come across this problem, do not worry, since in this post, we will give you all the necessary tools so that you can solve it.

Why does my image show black?

This is a common problem that can happen with some consoles, as some televisions do not maintain the same settings regarding the picture, which can affect the console.

In order to solve this error, the main thing is that the console parameters are restored, with which you do not have to worry, since you will not lose anything regarding the network configuration , nor profiles, or any other type of configuration that you have made, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Start by making sure that your console is off, and then proceed to turn it on by means of a combination of buttons, which will allow us to reset all the video parameters of our Xbox One.
  • To do this, press and hold the eject button , and also press the power button.
  • Until the moment you hear a second audible warning from the console for the second time, you can release the buttons , and in this way the console will have completely erased all the video parameters that it has had.

What is the black screen on the Xbox One?

Within computing, the “black screen of death” is used on both devices and PCs in order to refer to the black screen of error, which usually appears in some operating systems such as Windows , Linux or OS / 2 . More recently this expression has been used with the case of the Xbox One and the Xbox One S.

One of the first places in which a report was made about this error was in various web portals, in which they specified the fact that they mainly affected the main menu of the console.

Given this problem, it is possible that the way in which the system gets to load well and with it, the impossibility of navigating through the menus and not being able to access your video games or applications will be found.

How this error?

·         Proceed to press the ‘RT’ and ‘Y’ buttons

This is one of the options that you should consider when solving this error, since it has been shown that they are very effective on the fly.

Try pressing the ” RT” and ” Y” buttons on your Xbox controller once the console starts booting up, and you should see that the same problem has been solved and with that everything is back to normal.

·         Enter another tab

Within several user forums on the web, another of the active and positive solutions was to open the guide for your device by pressing the ‘Xbox’ button on the remote, then press on the ” Start ” button and immediately exit the menu. main while accessing another tab.

·         Visit the Xbox Store

Within the Reddit platform , various users commented on the fact that by entering the Xbox Store directly, everything was solved.

Although there is no logical reason for this, it works for many people, since to start, they only had to access said store from the guide and proceed to press the ” A ” button just above the main banner, since when returning to the menu of the start and hopefully everything will be solved.


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