How to fix the problem when the game does not start

Surely, almost every computer user, even those who mainly work on it, even sometimes plays computer games as a leisure activity. From time to time I just want to unwind, take a break from work and change the type of activity. Other users specifically purchase a computer with the expectation of regular entertainment. And even the most powerful and advanced computer or laptop is by no means immune from the situation when the game does not start. Various errors may appear, a black or blue screen pops up, or the launch shortcut simply does not respond to mouse clicks. There are many possible symptoms. What to do? Why is this happening? What points should you first pay attention to in order to solve the difficulties encountered? This is what our today’s material will be about.

Why the game might not start

Non-compliance with system requirements

For any game, the developer must indicate the necessary system requirements. They can be found on the disc box or on the game’s official website if you prefer a digital copy instead of a disc. After reading them, you will be able to understand what options your computer or laptop must have in order for you to run the game . There are two types of requirements:

  • Recommended, that is, those in which you can play normally at normal settings.
  • The minimum at which you can play on the most minimal game settings.

Your computer or laptop must meet at least the minimum recommendations, otherwise you will face a situation where games do not start. Practice shows that if your computer has a dual-core processor and less than 4 gigabytes of RAM, most modern games will not be available to you. Therefore, if you expect to regularly entertain yourself, take care of the power reserve by installing an advanced video card, a powerful quad-core processor and at least 8 gigabytes of RAM.

Your computer must have: a powerful quad-core processor and at least 8 gigabytes of RAM

REMEMBER! If you have weak hardware, then no programs and drivers will improve its performance! Expect to pay with either cash or limited performance!

Outdated drivers

Drivers are special system programs that control the operation of all installed hardware. For the computer to work correctly, it is desirable that all of them are regularly updated. In principle, the system will work even if it is not done, and it is quite normal, but the peculiarity of almost all modern games is sensitivity to the latest driver versions. Their developers regularly release updates, in which a wide variety of innovations can be implemented. Game developers, in turn, can release games taking into account the latest driver updates. If they are outdated or, coincidentally, none at all, the games will not start.

Most important to have driver updates for your graphics card, although in some cases it may be needed for other components, for example, a sound card (when using special sound effects) or a chipset (when using processor acceleration technologies). How can you be sure which versions of the software you have installed and, if necessary, update them? To get started, go to the Device Manager, select the equipment you need, for example, a video card, chipset, speakers, double-click the mouse, and a window with details will open. In the “General” tab you will see the device model. Also take a look at the “Driver” tab, where you need to pay attention to the lines “Development date” and “Driver version”. Remember this information or write it down. If the driver is not installed, then go to the “Details” tab to find out the digital ID of the hardware. To see it, click on the pop-up line and select “Value”. An alphanumeric code will be displayed and will need to be copied.

Now let’s go directly to updating the drivers. What are the ways to do this?

  • Download from the manufacturer’s official website. If you know the model of your laptop or computer, video card, go to the website, open the page with drivers, select the model or series of devices, and the version of the operating system. Download the necessary files and install as usual programs.
  • If only the identifier is known, open the site, paste the copied ID into the search bar, select the desired version of the file, and after downloading, install it in the usual way.
  • Install special utilities to find and update drivers. Their principle of operation is to scan the system and download the required driver versions. You can find a large number of them on the Internet. However, you should use them carefully. Why? It is important to consider that such utilities very often contain a lot of ads and install a bunch of different third-party software.

SamDrivers Driver Package

  • Use a driver package with automatic installation. You will need to download a file weighing approximately 10-12 gigabytes, which contains almost all possible drivers for any component of the computer and any version of the Windows operating system. In our opinion, the best such package is SamDrivers. Among its advantages are the latest software versions for any component of your computer, as well as the ability to use one of four automatic installers that will scan your system and maximize painless updates. It also provides the ability to automatically create restore points so that Windows 10 can be restored to error-free case of incorrect installation. By the way, we recommend using Snappy Driver Installer, as it has the least errors and works the most correctly. To use, you need to download an ISO archive. It is a disk image format. To start the driver installation, mount the virtual disk to the system. If you are using Windows 10 or 8, this can be done through the standard Explorer. If the Windows version is older, use the application for working with virtual disks or unpack it like a regular archive using WinRAR. After that, run the exe-file of the automatic installer, wait for it to scan the system, mark the drivers you need to update and wait a few minutes until they are installed.

Lack of required software components

Usually, along with the game, third-party software components necessary for its normal launch are installed. If they are missing or their version does not match the one for which the game is designed, it may not start or give various errors. What software components are required to run the game properly?


DirectX 11 and DirectX 12

One of the most important software components, just like the drivers for a video card. Used to develop various applications for the Windows operating system. It is most often used in games. The developers develop the game for use with a specific version of DirectX, so it must be installed on your computer for it to work properly. In the vast majority of cases, DirectX is included in the installation package of the game, but in some cases you still have to install it manually. Why? The package may not install for various reasons, for example, the developer forgot to include it in the installation file.

Fortunately, you do not need to keep all existing versions on your computer, because the files of the previous ones are included in the newer ones. This means that you just need to download and install the latest version of DirectX from the official website. Follow this link, and in just a few seconds the file will start downloading automatically, and immediately suitable for your version of Windows. Run the downloaded exe file and follow the instructions of the installer.

Net Framework

NET Framework

An equally important software component used by game developers. Responsible for the compatibility of programs written in different programming languages. If the component is missing, problems with starting the game may occur. True, it is included by default in the Windows system, and the newer the version, the newer the Net Framework version. However, in some cases it may be necessary to install or update the utility manually. To do this, just go to the official website, download the file with the exe extension and then install as the most common program.

Visual C ++

Visual C ++

Quite popular programming environment used for developing software for Windows. Very often it is automatically installed with the toy, but in some cases you have to do it manually. To do this, go to the official website, download the installation file, having previously selected the language, and then install it normally.

Windows is too old or too new

One of the possible options why the game does not start is too old or too new version of Windows. If the game was released very recently, it may not be compatible with older versions of Windows such as Vista, XP or older. Conversely, if the game is old, released at the time of maximum XP, then it is unlikely to work on the new 8 or 10. How to get out of the situation? What do you need to do for this?

Almost all Windows versions have the excellent ability to run an application in compatibility mode. For example, you have modern Windows 10 installed, but you want to remember the old days and play a game 15 years ago. With a high degree of probability, it will not start just like that.

  • After installing the game, display the launch shortcut on the desktop.
  • Right-click on it, select Properties – Compatibility.
  • Find the line ” Run the program in compatibility mode ” and select the required version of Windows from the drop-down list.

Compatibility mode in Windows 10

  • Click OK and try to launch the game again.

Incorrectly installed game

It is unlikely that the game will start correctly if you installed it incorrectly. What is meant? Perhaps the installation sequence was out of order, or not all necessary files and patches with updates were installed. Especially often, such a problem arises when using a hacked version, when for full functioning it is extremely important to do everything as indicated in the installation instructions.

It should also be remembered that the folder into which you install the game should in no case contain Russian letters. In some cases, there will be no problems, but in most cases you will not be able to play. Where to install the game so that it works correctly? Usually the default path looks like C: \ Program Files \ game folder. Some, in order to save space on the C drive, transfer the game to the D drive, while mistakenly naming the folder in Russian letters. It is because of this that the games do not start. Be sure to include only English letters in the installation path. The best option would be to leave the installation path as suggested by the installer.

Bad build of Windows

Considering that many users simply do not use the licensed version of Windows 10 due to the high cost of the license, the problem of incorrect operation is not least due to the operating system build curve. If you are using pirated builds, make sure the version you want to use has positive feedback from other users and works flawlessly.

Infection with viruses

Infection with viruses

Quite often, when using unverified sites and assemblies, various viral ad files can enter your system. They can damage game files and disrupt the stability of the Windows 10 operating system as a whole. Therefore, from time to time, check if you have picked up any virus on your computer or laptop. To do this, with your built-in antivirus or any free antivirus scanner, scan the system for malware and remove it if detected.

Clogged system and computer overheating

Everything can be much more commonplace: an overflow of RAM, a clogged file system, or overheating of a computer due to contamination of its components with dust. If your computer is not heavy-duty, in order to run several resource-intensive applications on it at the same time, make sure that all other software windows are closed before starting the game. Also, regularly clean up the file system from accumulated garbage that is formed as a result of the operation of various programs. The largest generators of software garbage are browsers and instant messengers. For convenience, use one of the automatic cleaning applications such as CCleaner.


Security settings are too strict

It is quite rare to encounter a problem caused by overly strict security settings of the Windows operating system. The following settings can be made:

  1. Go to Start – Control Panel – User Accounts – Change User Account Control (UAC) settings.
  2. Move the slider to the very bottom and restart your computer.


Despite the large number of possible reasons why the game may not start, they are not difficult to solve. Tell us in the comments why the game did not work on your computer.


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