How to fix the performance problem on Nintendo Switch

The computers distributed by the Nintendo company, despite their popularity and demand, have not been spared from the problems that consoles present . In this case, solve the problem of the Nintendo Switch , by presenting drop in FPS and performance during some games.

When a new product is launched on the market, it is common for it to have a fault that is directly related to its operation. Therefore, some users wait a considerable time before purchasing it.

However, some people say that the error is still present within their consoles. This has overwhelmed the Nintendo Help Center with constant complaints. One of the reasons to consider is that your Nintendo Switch is updated to the latest version .

Regardless of when the FPS drops , this is not a problem that makes the experience impossible for the players. Since the same company and community have given their opinions on ideas that help to solve it easily.

Therefore, if you present this performance failure and would like to solve it quickly to continue playing peacefully, follow the following recommendations to the letter.

What is and why does the FPS drop occur?

FPS is nothing more than the acronym for “Frames per second” or frames per second, so through its name we can discover what this important factor in games is about.

Its correct definition is that they are the set of images that are displayed on the screen consecutively each time a video is played or played.

Everything is based on the human eye, whose brain is capable of processing between 10 and 12 photos with one second of separation to process them as they are, images perceived individually.

Therefore, the frames per second manifest as a sequence greater than this value. So that the information can be admired with a fluidity of movement .

Why does the FPS drop during a video game experience?

All consoles, and even computers, have a graphics card . Intended to process the information of the images per second reproduced within a game or video.

The screen is the one in charge of displaying this sequence. This will depend on the FPS value of the reproduced content in question. Therefore, depending on its value, the speed and fluidity of the image will be seen .

With regard to video games, the higher the framerate value, the better the display and the information received by the console.

When the FPS drop occurs , it is because there are multiple moving items at any given time on the screen. Which reduces its value and results in underperformance for a period of time.

A simple method to fix the performance problem on Nintendo Switch

The feature that makes the Nintendo Switch a global trend is the ability to use the console connected to a dock on a TV screen, or undock it and use it wirelessly. Achieving its total autonomy. Capable of even turning your console on and off through the control .

Most of the complaints have been made when using the console’s wireless mode , and in specific games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

As defined above, this may be due to the number of items moving during a given time. But various entities of the community have stated that the solution is found in another aspect of the console.

Since when it is separated from the dock, the automatic configuration of the Nintendo takes care of looking for connection to available wireless networks. This increases the degree of demand to the device and the FPS drop occurs while you play.

Therefore, the recommendation and solution is to activate airplane mode within the settings of the equipment when using it in wireless mode. It is the most effective way to solve the drop in FPS and performance on your Nintendo Switch.

Only in this way do they assure to avoid the intervention of video game reproduction , while the company establishes a more feasible solution to improve the experience of each user who wishes to use this new version of Nintendo.


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