How to fix ‘the parameter is not correct’ error in Windows 10

The technical flaws found in the Windows operating system have a solution, and it is sure to be a relief for you. For example, today we will talk about how to solve the error the parameter is not correct in Windows , easily and simply. But first we will talk about what this error means and then we will explain the solutions step by step so that it is understandable.

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  1. What is the error the parameter is not correct?
  2. Two solutions to fix the parameter is not correct error in Windows 10

What is the error the parameter is not correct?

This failure usually appears in Windows 7, 8,10 preventing access to the device and opening the files and data of the equipment, be it laptop or desktop PC. Mostly external disk, SD memory card and USB flash drive suffer from file system corruption and errors or bad sectors. Next, we explain what to do to fix this rather tedious error with two effective and safe methods for your Windows operating system .

Two solutions to fix the parameter is not correct error in Windows 10

Knowing that there is a solution to the error you present is a relief that you will surely want to put into practice, as a suggestion you should follow them carefully.

  • Solution 1- Apply the CHKDSK command prompt.
  1. Connect removable hard drive, USB drive, or SD card to your computer.
  2. Enter the command prompt by going to the Windows search engine, which is located at the bottom left of the screen. There you will write “cmd”, this will open a window where the command prompt appears, click there. If you do not press the Windows + R keys simultaneously.
  3. At the command prompt window, type the following command chkdsk E: / f / r. Here you need to change the letter E to the letter of the removable disk drive or USB memory.
  4. Press enter and wait for the command to run on the system.

This exercise is to verify and repair file system failure, errors, and bad areas on the external hard drive or USB. Additionally, fixing this error will prevent the Parameter is not correct error message from continuing to appear on your Windows operating system.

  • Solution 2- Recover files and format removable hard drive or USB memory.

If the above method did not work for you, we leave you a second option to correct the “Parameter is not correct in Windows” error.

To format the external hard drive we will give you the following steps, follow this carefully to avoid making a mistake.

  1. Connect the removable or external disk to the computer.
  2. Look for the external disk in Windows file explorer, and when you find it, right click and select the “Format”option and then “OK”.
  3. Formatting will be done automatically and quickly.
  4. Once formatting runs, a new file system is createdfor the disk or memory, fixing any errors you have.

Now, we explain how to recover files from removable hard drive with “Parameter not correct” error step by step in Windows.

  1. To recover all data you must use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your computer to run file recovery on your removable disk.
  2. Link the external hard drive to your computer, then open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
  3. This will open a window where the hard disk that you want to recover appears, when you see it select “Scan”.
  4. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will perform a quick scan on the disk.
  5. Later, the software will start a process of searching for lost files that lose their name or path.
  6. Do not interrupt the scanning processfor any reason to run a full scan.
  7. After the scanning process, filter the files you want with the “Filter” option.
  8. Then mark the files you want to recover and press the option “Recover, this will be done quickly.
  9. To avoid data overwriting, it is recommended to save the recovered files somewhere other than the same hard drive.

These are the two methods you have to fix the wrong parameter error in Windows 10, these two processes are guaranteed. We hope that you will find this educational and intuitive section very useful, whose main objective is to prepare and teach computer solutions.


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