How to fix the “No trust in the CAB file” error

The Windows system is very complex, and besides, it can expand its capabilities when installing various additional libraries. One of the most important, without which no game and many graphics programs will work, is DirectX. However, when installing this and some other libraries, you may encounter the “No trust in the CAB file” error. The installation process is, of course, interrupted.

What to do in this case? After all, the same DirectX still needs to be installed, otherwise many programs and games will simply refuse to work. Let’s see what the problem of such an error can be and how it can be solved.

What is a CAB file in Windows

You have probably seen many of these files if you looked into the folder of the Windows installation distribution kit or even some game. Each of them is an archive with data or files, compressed using some method. These encryption methods are similar to those used in archivers, so files with the .cab extension can often be opened using WinRAR or 7-Zip.

In the Windows distribution, such files usually contain drivers and various components sorted by purpose – for video, for sound, etc. Games, however, can contain anything and be packaged in any way – here the developer decides for himself how convenient …

There are such CAB files in the installers of many programs, including system ones like DirectX.

Causes of Error Installing DirectX Files

The CAB file trust message can appear for a variety of reasons. Some do not seem to be related to installing applications at all, but there is a connection. Many users have found out empirically that eliminating these causes can solve the problem. So, here are the most common situations:

  • The application was downloaded with errorsand the files turned out to be “broken”, that is, some data in them was lost. This happens when the Internet connection is unstable, especially when downloading from torrents. The content turns out to be corrupted, and the installer does not work, but displays a variety of errors.
  • Disabled Cryptographic Serviceson Windows. If you, in an effort to optimize the maximum system performance, used various utilities – “tweakers”, this may well be. They disable some background services that they think are “unnecessary”. But then the most unpredictable errors can occur, and this is one of those.
  • Errors in the Windows system itself, which arise and are resolved by themselves after the next update. Some service packs bring this error with them.
  • Incorrect system settings, such as the wrong date on the watch. Oddly enough, this also happens, although no connection can be traced. Sometimes you need to roll back this date a couple of years ago, and everything starts working.
  • Antivirus is blocking the installation.

As you can see, the simplest DirectX installation can turn into an exciting quest to find problems and does not always end successfully.

What to do if you receive a “no trust in the CAB file” error

Since the reasons are very different, then the solutions to the problem are also very different. Let’s consider them in order.

You need to download DirectX not from third-party torrents or file sharing services, but from the official website. This is a free application, and this approach excludes the possibility of getting an initially damaged distribution kit, which may also contain some kind of virus.

When downloading, you need to use a stable Internet connection. Frequent disconnections should be avoided.

Check if cryptographic services are turned off. You can see this if you go to “Control Panel” – “Administrative Tools” – “Services”. There you can also turn on the service we need, if it is turned off, and try to start the installation again.

Check the system date on your computer. Sometimes the installation works if you install the correct one, and sometimes, on the contrary, if you roll it back a few years ago. Try it – there is nothing complicated about it, but sometimes it helps.

Sometimes installing DirectX in Safe Mode will work fine. To go into it, when the system boots, you need to press F8 and select “Safe Mode”. At the same time, many unnecessary and extraneous programs do not start, and the problem can be solved by itself. After installation, you can boot the system normally.

Here we have covered basic methods on how to fix the “No Trust in CAB” error. Usually one of them helps.

Other ways to troubleshoot DirectX installation error

If all else fails, and you downloaded the DirectX distribution from the official site, then this is clearly some kind of system error. To solve it radically, without a long search for the cause, you can do in two ways:

  1. Use system restore to some earlier savepoint when the system was working normally. This feature is available in Windows 10 and earlier.
  2. Reinstall the system again if nothing else helps.

Of course, the last method should be used as a last resort – it is long and requires a lot of work on the subsequent configuration of all programs. But this will surely help fix the error issue.

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