How to fix the microphone on my Samsung Galaxy cell phone

Mobile phones are an important part of life, the functions they fulfill as a personal assistant have even surpassed those of computers. That is why if one day some of its components are damaged it is better to know how to repair it first at home, for this reason today’s appointment is to fix the microphone of my Samsung Galaxy cell phone .

And the reality is that in this globalized world, you cannot live without a telephone, and companies know it as well as you. So they will always be on the lookout to take advantage of the most innocent in situations such as repairing a phone that maybe the only thing that was was dirty, that’s why you must learn these tricks.

Fix the microphone of my Samsung Galaxy cell phone

To get straight to the point, there are at least 3 tricks with which you can repair your mobile phone, and they are much simpler than you may be imagining. First of all, check if your phone’s microphone really stopped working.

For this they try to call friends and family many times or also record voice notes in applications like WhatsApp, if the microphone has really been damaged you should not be able to do either of the two correctly. In these cases it is advisable to download an application called Phone Doctor plus from the PlayStore .

This will evaluate the hardware of your phone showing what the possible problem may be, so that the processes to fix the microphone of my Samsung Galaxy cell phone can be effectively applied.

Disable phone noise reduction

Once you have already diagnosed your phone, it is time to try the tricks, and the first is to deactivate the noise reduction of the phone, this function is very useful because it is the one that eliminates the noise from your surroundings when a note is being called or sent, but in certain cases it may cause microphone problems.

To disable this function, you must first go to the ” Settings ” section and then to “Call settings”. Right after, look for the option called “Noise reduction” and disable it, culminate by restarting the phone and test the microphone to see if the problem is solved.

Beware of third-party applications

In order to finally fix the microphone of my Samsung Galaxy cell phone, it is also good to evaluate the third-party applications that are installed on the device.

In many cases it may be an application of dubious origin that interferes with the operation of the microphone. To verify if this is the case, you must restart an Android device in safe mode which disables these applications.

Once you have done it, test the microphone while in safe mode. If this works well then you already know that it is an application that is causing the problem, uninstall it and then proceed to deactivate the safe mode .

Clean the microphone carefully

Your microphone is the one that is in the small hole next to the charging port (this depends on the Samsung model but it is usually there), blow air through said hole or put a small pin in it to remove the possible dirt that is causing the microphone fails.

It may sound silly but in most cases this solves the problem, and if you think about it, hardly anyone ever stops to clean the mic .

To conclude, in case you have applied these simple solutions and they have not worked, it may be time to give up and seek professional help or choose to reset or reboot the Samsung Galaxy to factory mode .

However, with the foregoing, some tricks to fix the microphone of my Samsung Galaxy cell phone were already clear . A yes to try them , and recovers the functionality of your phone completely.


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