How to fix the ‘Genshin Impact has stopped’

When the pandemic hit, no one expected it to change our lives in such an intense way. One very important way that he changed us is that now we all entertain ourselves in different ways. For example, every day thousands of people start playing video games. These can be played in a myriad of ways.

One type of App that you can download is mobile games, which seek to bring you a console video game experience on your phone. Still, android phones are not perfect and prone to developing a lot of performance issues for games.

An example of this is when the Genshin Impact video game says “Genshin Impact has stopped.” It is important that you know that in order to perform this tutorial and download the game, you need to update the Google Playstore to its latest version.

Why does Genshin Impact stop or go slow?

This can be caused by a wide variety of problems. Mainly, you have to take into account that Genshin Impact is a next-generation game, so it will have a significant graphic load on the Hardware components of your phone, and even on the Software, since Genshin Impact runs better on systems. they have the latest android.

However, there are tricks by which people manage to make the game go faster on devices that are not really made to run.

This happens many times because people sometimes do not have the money immediately to be able to buy a new equipment, but they have to put up with what they have. One thing you can do is learn how to use GL Tools to improve your game graphics, it ‘s free.

If GL Tools doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, there is a guide that shows you how to make Genshin Impact go faster. Many times we do not take into account that we have other applications open which can affect the performance of Genshin Impact. If you want to improve performance, we recommend that you close open applications in the background so that your phone can dedicate all its resources to playing games.

How to fix the ‘Genshin Impact has stopped’ error on my Android mobile?

This is very common, because you really have to take into account that this game is basically a port of a title that came out for PC and PS4, but that was prepared to be able to run on today’s phones. 

As a result, many phones cannot meet the minimum requirements of the game, making it impossible to run the game correctly. However, this error is not only caused by a lack of hardware, but there are also a series of internet requirements that you have to meet as well.

To fix this problem, you need to restart your phone. This causes all the caches to be reset and the ram can be free and only used to run the game. Also, we recommend that you pause any type of download you are doing, as this can affect your internet connection. Lastly, we recommend that you update your game to a newer version.

What other reason could there be for this problem?

In order to play Genshin Impact, you need to be constantly connected to the internet , because that’s where all your progress is saved, in a cloud-like system. If your computer has disconnected from the internet, your game may crash and therefore show you this message.

Also, you may have been banned . This other cause has nothing to do with the power of your team, but rather with the actions you have performed within the game. You have to understand that all these games are subject to a series of rules by which the developers can keep all the players in a balanced plane.

If you have taken any action that violates the rules of the game, you can be banned. When this happens, your phone may go into error mode, as it does not know the reason why the connection has been closed.


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