How to fix the error “This application cannot be run on my computer”

The “Cannot run this application on my computer” message is more common than you might think, but should not be considered a default error within the Windows 10 operating system .

The new version of Microsoft software is recognized for its new security methods, which improve the user experience on your computer.

Since the error is caused by common reasons, the solutions are quite simple and easy to perform, even for those who do not have experience with a computer.

Through the simple methods that will be explained below, you will be able to run the program with complete comfort, ensuring that the error will not appear on the screen again.

Reasons why “This application cannot be run on the computer” appears on the PC

The problem can be reduced to a compatibility error with the operating system or the operating methodology of the computer. So it is decided to block it automatically.

However, this should not be a cause for concern. Well, one of the benefits of Windows is the simplicity with which you can solve each of your problems.

So for every situation there is a way to make the program in question operational.   Thus achieving the completion of the task that each person wants to do.

Therefore, we advise you to follow each of the indications set forth in this article to the letter. In order to continue enjoying the experience with Windows 10.

List of solutions for the error “Cannot run this application on the computer”

Clearly there are multiple reasons why this message can appear on your screen, therefore it is essential to identify which is the cause that best fits the situation you suffer. Since the application has just been installed on the computer, the modifications must be made directly to the equipment.

Check the software version

We all know that the programs that are installed on devices have versions. Which serve to offer improvements to those who decide to use it.

Because of this, there is a possibility that the update number you have installed on your computer is not the most recent, thus causing compatibility problems. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure you purchase the latest version released by the programmers. In order to avoid this type of situation.

Verify compatibility with the system

Continuing with the theme of the versions, but this time in bits. There are programs that work exclusively for the person who owns the computer.

The appearance of messages such as “Cannot run this application on the computer” may be caused by installing the wrong version for the system.

It is advisable to verify what type of architecture the computer works with through its properties (either 32-bit or 64-bit). In order to download the appropriate and compatible one with the equipment, thus avoiding this type of errors.

Direct problems with the application

A situation that directly affects the downloaded program can also cause these types of errors. So you can try the following solutions:

Try re-downloading the file itself, in case a connection problem caused a failure. You can also try to run the application from the disk drive system, directly executing the file with an EXE extension.

Similarly, running the shortcut as administrator may also work In case it is related to the permissions granted by the system towards the application.

In conclusion, you should not worry about the error of “Cannot run this application on the computer”. Whatever appears instead of the program’s operating window.

Whether it’s by means of system protection or a simple software glitch, there are many ways to fix this type of situation. Therefore, you only have to follow each of the indications mentioned in this space so that you can enjoy the functions that Windows has to offer.


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