How to fix ‘The connection is not private’ error

Many of the times that we are browsing the Internet we run into some connection errors, due to problems in the server of the page we are consulting, instability or slowness in our Internet connection and many other factors that influence. There is a very common problem in particular and it is an error that throws us a message that says ” The connection is not private ” and prevents us from accessing the website we want to visit. In this post we will be explaining why this error is due , how to identify it and, most importantly, how to solve it.

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  1. What does it mean for a connection to be private?
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    2. Encryption
  2. What is happening on our devices when we get the error ‘The connection is not private’?
  3. How does this error appear in different browsers?
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    2. Firefox
    3. Microsoft Edge
    4. Safari
  4. How can we fix this error on my devices?
    1. On Windows PC
    2. On Android mobile
  5. What can we do to prevent the error from appearing in our browser?

What does it mean for a connection to be private?

Basically, this problem arises because the protocol of the security certificate of the site you want to visit is not compatible or is not valid for the security requirements of the browser that we are using. This certificate is very important , as it is responsible for ensuring that all accesses to the website in question are encrypted, this to protect the privacy of the site and that of the user trying to connect.

SSL protocol

The security certificate also known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) also has the function of preventing the web you are trying to access from redirecting you to another malicious website where your data and privacy are at risk.

This is why the server shows you the warning ” The connection is not private “, referring to the conditions of the network to which you are connected, the browser, the system you use, the devices or some element related to the The way you are connecting to that page is not secure and therefore it may be risky to try to connect to that site under those conditions.

This happens very frequently when the configuration of the network to which we are connected is “Public”, since this network mode only uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or better known as “HTTP” which in this type of network does not include the data transfer security layer that is normally used today, so the protocol would be: ” HTTPS ” where the ” S ” represents that this protocol contains the data transport security layer. Therefore, it is advisable to change the type of network from public to private .


The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol also contains an encryption layer that guarantees a higher level of security , this allows the connection between a client trying to connect and the server where the web is hosted to be more secure. Currently, through different websites, users send important and private data such as users and bank codes, email codes, credit card numbers, personal or classified information and endless data that require a security protocol during transmission. from one point to another.

This is to ensure that, even if the protocols fail and this data reaches the hands of unwanted people, this information cannot be readable and interpreted as what it really is thanks to the encryption that is protecting it .

The encryption or SSL protocol what it does is take the information that the user sends and depending on the cryptography method used by the web service , it adds a symmetric or one-key encryption, or it can use an asymmetric encryption that involves two keys and also in some cases add a fingerprint or better known as a Hash function , this cryptographic method is one of the most secure so far.

All this through an algorithm that only the same protocol knows and verifies that the information sent matches 100% with the information received.

What is happening on our devices when we get the error ‘The connection is not private’?

What happens when we see this error on our screen is that the browser we are using has detected a high level of insecurity on the web we are trying to access , either because one of the protocols we have mentioned ( SSL – Https ) is crashing the website, the site is being manipulated from an unknown location or we are connecting from a network that is set to public.

For this reason, our browser warns us that, if we continue to access this site, the data that we enter through its forms will not be protected by any security protocol , therefore these data may fall into the hands of unwanted people. that they will have the power to manipulate our private information at will.

How does this error appear in different browsers?

Despite being the same problem, this message may vary depending on the browser and operating system that we are using when entering a website, it is important to know how to recognize this error due to the risks involved in accessing a website with these characteristics, that is why We show you how to identify it in the different browsers.


If we try to access an unsafe site through this browser, we will be able to see in our navigation window a red triangle with an exclamation mark that warns us that ” The connection is not private “, in addition to a message that explains that cyber attackers may be using that website to steal your personal information such as messages, passwords, or credit card details.

At the end of this message you will also see an error code with a format similar to this ” NET :: ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID “, this message may vary, but if you analyze it you will be able to realize that it is communicating to us that there is an error with the name of one of the security certificates.


Frequent users of this browser will be able to identify the error of the connection is not private, because when trying to access a site that does not meet the minimum security requirements, what they will see will be a page with a red padlock icon and a “X” on it, accompanied by a message that says: ” The connection is not private ”

You will also see a message warning that hackers may be attempting to steal your private information such as passwords, messages, or credit card details that you share through that site. In the case of Mozilla, we see a blue button that says ” Back to be safe “, if we press it, we will automatically be redirected to the previous page where we come from.

But if we keep going down we will find a more detailed warning message that tells us that our browser is blocking access to that website because the site’s security conditions do not generate enough trust for us as users to exchange personal information through him, but here comes a very interesting variant. In the end, the browser offers us the option of Accessing that unsafe site assuming the risks that this implies.

Microsoft Edge

The revamped browser belonging to Microsoft has also customized the security error message. In this case you will see a dark mode screen with a red triangle and the typical message ” The connection is not private “, as in the previous cases you will also see a warning that the website you are trying to access contains characteristics of being from high risk for the private information you share on it. Below you will see the error code with a format similar to this: ” NET :: ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID ” referring to the fact that the name of the security certificate is not valid.

Below you will see a button to hide the advanced options, a button to update the site and a review of how these types of problems work, explaining that the browser has blocked access because the credentials that this website has sent are not common or they are incorrect and that for your safety you will not be able to access that site. It also indicates that these types of errors are usually resolved quickly by website administrators, so it is recommended to wait a few hours and try to access again.


This browser has a particular way of making a warning in the presence of the error ” The connection is not private “, since when we try to access a page that has a deficiency in its security protocols, it displays a message as a window , right where the address bar begins that says ” Your connection to this website is not completely secure “, followed by a brief description of the problem. It is explained to us that this site may have modified images to mislead us and fraudulently extract our private information.

How can we fix this error on my devices?

Previously, we mentioned that this error can be due to many factors and in some cases it does not necessarily have to do with the fact that the website we are trying to access is a fraudulent page, many times this error can be easily solved.

So as users we can try our best to make sure that on our part, all the hardware and software that we are using complies with the web security protocols.

On Windows PC

If you are trying to connect from a Windows computer and you run into this error in front of a page you want to access, you can try the following:

Delete the history, cookies and cache of your browser , sometimes the problem of the security certificate occurs because the cache of your browser is saturated and this can generate conflicts , so it is recommended to do a cleaning so that the actual certificates of the page can be checked by your browser.

Check the date and time of your system , one of the requirements of the security certificate is that your system has a date and time that coincide with the time zone of your operating system and also with the geolocation of your IP address. If there is any contradiction in this matter, it is very likely that access to the page will be blocked due to inconsistency in the data that your system is delivering to the site you want to access. Adjust the date and time of your system and try to enter the page again .

Update your browser , it is possible that in old versions of the browser you are using this type of conflict may arise, since the security certificates are constantly being updated and it may happen that your browser is no longer compatible with the protocol required to enter the website.

Enter the page in anonymous mode , this trick usually works very well since in anonymous mode no page will be registered and the security level is lower, however, you must be very careful not to enter personal data or confidential information in the website you visit, because the site may also be redirecting your information to manipulate it.

On Android mobile

If you are browsing from an Android mobile phone, we can also give you some recommendations to skip this annoying notice that in many cases has to do with some bad configuration on our mobile phone.

The first thing you can try is to clear the cache of your mobile phone, this will cause the old data of the web pages that you have previously visited to be eliminated, thus minimizing the possible SSL certificate conflict .

It is also advisable to erase the navigation data of the browser that you are using on your mobile phone, for this you must enter the advanced configuration of the browser that you are using on your mobile, locate the “Privacy” section and then on “Clear browsing data “If it still doesn’t work, then the recommendation is to reset your browser to factory settings .

It is also important that you verify that the date and time of your mobile phone system are correct and that the WiFi network to which you are connected is “Private”, if even following these recommendations the problem persists, then you will have to wait a few hours and return to try to enter the web you want to enter.

What can we do to prevent the error from appearing in our browser?

The recommendations to avoid this annoying error that often prevents us from accessing the pages that we need to consult are extremely simple and we leave them below:

  • Verify that you have the latest versionof your browser installed .
  • Set the date and time on your computerto match the time zone you have selected.
  • Make sure you have a good antivirus installed on your system .
  • Clean your browser’s cache and history

If even taking these forecasts, the website you want to access continues to show you the error of ” The connection is not private “, then wait a few hours and try to enter again, surely the technical support of the site has already detected the failure and they are trying solve the problem.

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