How to fix the application did not start at the required time error in Windows

One of the best things about the Windows version store is the easy access and automatic updating of most universal applications within your Microsoft system.

Thanks to the efforts of many, all the applications that are inside the Windows store have been tested and verified, in order to guarantee quality applications , easy to use and that they are verified in terms of their operation. You should also know that you can download the same applications that you have on your Android mobile on your PC .

However and despite all these measures, nothing is perfect, for this reason it is quite common to find within Windows 10 that users report one of the most common problems, which is the fact that it did not start in time required when loading applications.

For this, the most common is that each user tries to open the application and that it is delayed in loading with dots on the screen as a sign of failure. In this post , we want to explain the correct way with which you can take care of this error and thus be able to solve it.

Why does this specific error occur?

This is a fairly common problem which can occur with hundreds of applications within the Windows 10 system , since it can be found when trying to open the photos or even the music application that the system brings. The most common causes of this error can be the following points:

  1. A conflict may be occurring within the date and time settings on the device
  2. Verify that there are no errors or problems with third-party services or applications on your system, so you will have to repair it before continuing.
  3. Corruption may be occurring within the application itself , which is causing this error.

As for the first answer, the most common thing is to proceed to restart the system in order to reopen the application and with it, to be able to repair any error that is found at the moment, then we will give you some keys with the which you can solve the errors that we have mentioned above.

Start by checking the system date and time

Within Windows 10, start by clicking with the right button, within the option in which you will be able to see the date and also the time of the taskbar, after that, click inside the option ” Set date and time ”which will appear in the menu that has been displayed.

Within Windows 10, you will see that the date and time settings will open, which you can adjust manually or automatically depending on the time and the time zone you are in.

Proceed to perform a Windows 10 update

This is one of the main steps when presenting this problem, since it is the fastest and safest solution of all, in order to carry it out, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Start by opening the Windows 10 configuration page, once inside it, you must select the option ” Updates and Security ” with which you can access the list of updates that are available at the moment.
  2. At this point, you must make all those updates you want and after that, proceed to restart the system in order to verify that the system has resolved the error.

These are some basic tips that we can offer you in order to solve all those errors that may arise with your Windows 10 system.


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