How to fix simulation lags in The Sims 4, 3?

There are 2 types of freezes and lags in The Sims: the simulation and the game itself. If the simulation dulls, the game world does not respond to the player’s commands for a long time: Sims stand there, doing nothing, perform various tasks for a very long time, return late from work or school, sit idle for several hours before doing something. If the Sims game freezes, fps drops significantly, game worlds load for a long time, inventory slowly opens, or it periodically freezes for a few seconds. These are different problems, which will have to be corrected using different approaches. Here’s what to try if the Sims 3 or Sims 4 is frozen.

How to fix simulation lags in The Sims 4, 3?

If Sims do not respond to actions for a long time, but end up responding to them, then the simulation is receiving too many requests. Due to the inability to process commands in real time, they are put into standby mode. It is necessary to facilitate the task of the internal algorithm of the game and everything will work fine.

Things to try:

  • Remove worlds and householdsthat the player does not use anyway.
  • Remove unused areasand other items from the gallery.
  • Empty Sims inventoryand reduce the number of items in the house.
  • Move to a smaller homewith little art or other items.
  • Go offline. Very often it works – you need to go to Origin, click on the button of the same name and select “Offline mode”. You can also just turn off the Internet. Even in the settings of the game itself, you should go to the “Others” section and uncheck the “Access to network capabilities”, “Notify over the network”, “Hide questionable content” and “Auto-connect” boxes.
  • Install a mod to eliminate simulation lags. You can download the required mod here at the end of the page. To install it, you need to move the resulting files to the Mods folder. Then, with the Testingcheats mode turned on in the Sims, you need to use Shift to click on the character and select “MC Command Center”. Next, you need to go to “MCCC Settings” – “Gameplay Settings” – “Game Time Speed” and increase or decrease the speed.
  • Delete the Sims 4 and Origin cache. To remove the temporary game files, you need to go to “My Documents” in the Electronic Arts – The Sims 4 folder. Here you should delete the cache folder and the localthumbcache.package file. To delete the Origin cache, you should open the ProgramData folder on the C drive and the section with the game. In this section, you need to delete the folders: AchievementCache, CatalogCache, CustomBoxartCache, Download Cache, EntitlementCache, IGOCache and LocalContent. After this procedure, it is best to restart your computer.
  • Transfer your Sims to a new game. This is done through the editor, where you need to select a family, and then a house to move.
  • Move the options.ini file, which is located in the game folder, to the trash can .

What to do if the Sims 3, 4 game itself freezes?

The reason why Sims freezes may be due to insufficient computer performance. If your hardware is powerful enough (exceeds the minimum requirements + there is 8 GB of RAM), then you should try the following methods.

Sims 3, 4 Freeze – How To Fix:

  • Remove mods. Better completely, but you can rename the Mods folder for the test, add _old to it and start the game. If Sims will work stably, then you need to add mods one by one and see the result.
  • Fix bugs with files. The essence of the method is to rename the game folder and install a new game client. Most likely it should work fine. Then we take one folder from the old client and transfer it to the new one. You should especially pay attention to saves, Tray, Mods, Custom Music.
  • Install a mod to reduce freezes. It’s called MasterController Nraas. It takes a long time to set up, but it’s worth it. Here is a video detailing the mod .
  • Disable “Laptop Mode”. It is activated by default and this is bad, because then the game saves computer resources to reduce battery consumption. Hence, there may be delays or lags. Plus, this can lead to the fact that instead of a discrete video card, an integrated one will be used.
  • Reduce the quality of the graphics. It is especially important to check the resolution in the game. If it is higher than FHD (1920x1080p), it is better to return to these values, and switch “Screen Type” to “Windowed Mode”. Additionally, it is worth lightening the load on the system by setting the “Graphics Quality” to the “Low” position.

The result of performing the listed procedures should be the correction of simulation lags and freezing of the game itself Sims 3, Sims 4. The system should work much faster, and the delays should be reduced to normal.


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