How To Fix Printer is not activated in Windows 10

One of the output components , most widely used worldwide are printers, which can be found in a wide range of models, styles and functions. Printers are elements that we usually acquire in order to perform different complementary tasks of daily turroutine.

Today, these tools have various integrated elements which not only fulfill connectivity functions, but also have various multifunctional options, which are complemented with some scanners and faxes, which are connected to the same device, resulting totally different. to the input peripherals .

Being such an important complementary tool in some aspects, it is quite common for it to suffer some errors or complications at the time of its use, among the most common errors that we can find on the web, we can highlight:

  • Printer not activated error code -30 PDF, 20 PDF , which may appear on some occasions, and therefore the printing of some PDF files may be interrupted.
  • Printer not activated error code 41 , which represents a fairly common problem and easy to fix, since it only requires a quick review of some necessary security permissions.
  • Printer not activated error code 30 HP, Epson , another common problem that does not respect the brand or model of printer, which has its main root in some printer driver that is outdated.
  • Printer not activated error code 30 Windows 10, 8.1, 7, the latter is the one we are going to focus on, since it can appear in any version of Windows . However, in this post we will give you all the necessary tools so that you can solve it in a simple way, with the options that we present below:

Try to remove the printer software

One of the common problems with this error comes so directly with software for your printer, as is sometimes the software may achieve interfere with the system works the printer, making some messages, especially this start To appear.

In order to turn this around, and thus be able to solve this problem, what you have to do is quite simple, since you only have to remove or reinstall the software of your printer, in order to solve any extra problems that exist.

For this, you only have to use the ” Configuration ” application and once inside it, proceed to remove the software that corresponds to the printer, which you can find directly in the ” Applications ” section .

Try updating the printer drivers

One of the most common problems of printers at a general level is the fact that they have some drivers installed, which are completely outdated , which can bring about these types of errors on both Mac and Windows.

When outdated drivers prevent the printer from performing its normal tasks, however, this is something that can be fixed with a simple review of your updates.

This can be done in various ways including, visiting the manufacturer’s website and thus accessing the download links for all the most recent drivers and also guiding us by their model.

Try selecting your printer manually

Another reason why this error usually appears is when you try to use the fast printing option , which can often hinder the primary functions of the printer without us noticing it.

However, this action is usually carried out automatically , when trying to print a PDF file, so it is advisable in these cases to use the manual options to prevent this error message from appearing.


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