How to fix PC freezing issues in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is now available on Steam, but unfortunately some players are experiencing freezing issues. Obviously, since Horizon: Zero Dawn  just came out on PC, many want to avoid it.

Hopefully, before purchasing the game, players are satisfied that their hardware meets the  recommended PC specs for Horizon Zero Dawn . The following steps can help prevent lag, but will not eliminate it entirely if the machine is not strong enough to play.

Check for Updates

Programs such as Steam and hardware drivers sometimes need to be updated to improve performance and security. Most gamers should already know if their computer has an AMD or Nvidia graphics card , but those who are unsure can easily check by opening the Task Manager (with CTRL + ALT + DEL), going to the Performance tab and selecting the GPU from the list on the left … The name and model of the card should appear in the upper right corner of the window.

Most AMD users can use the AMD Driver Auto-Detect Tool to identify and install the exact driver they will be using. Nvidia users can use Nvidia Update or download drivers manually. It’s also wise to check for Windows updates by going to Start> Update & Security> Windows Update.

Free up Resources

Every PC application, from Notepad to Cortana, requires a certain amount of computing power. For  Horizon: Zero Dawn to  function at its peak, it needs enough memory and processing time to function properly. Close any applications you are not actively using and wait for the virus scan or update to complete before continuing.

The most reliable way for the player to make sure that the computer has the maximum available resources is to restart the computer and open the minimum number of applications (eventually, only Steam and Horizon: Zero Dawn should be running  ). This is the most to do, but some players may need to go to the Startup tab in Task Manager and disable any applications that don’t need to be launched once the computer boots up.

Adjust Game Settings

By making sure the game is using the latest drivers and is not competing with other software, players can take further steps to reduce latency. Running the game in full screen instead of windowed mode will give a noticeable performance boost, because then the graphics driver will no longer need to display the desktop, freeing up resources.

Horizon: Zero Down had to automatically optimize its graphics settings during installation to best match the hardware available. However, players who are still experiencing freezes can manually lower the graphics settings to their lowest level. You can determine exactly which setting is causing the lag by increasing one setting at a time to the recommended level, spending some time in the game to test its performance (for example, looking for Stormslinger), increasing another setting, and so on until the game starts to lag. At this point, only this setting needs to be kept low, and the rest can be returned to their defaults.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the biggest game releases in August 2020, and it’s important for gamers to keep their game from lagging. Unfortunately, the transfer from PS4 to PC was not as smooth as Guerrilla Games would have liked, but hopefully the steps above will bring some relief.


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