How to fix Outlook stuck loading my profile on Windows 10?

Outlook is a Microsoft program that allows its users to send and receive emails. Sometimes it tends to have drawbacks such as when loading your profile,  it remains motionless or stuck.

But don’t worry, these inconveniences are usually normal with effective and quick solutions. If this happens to you and you want to fix it quickly and without complications, you just have to keep reading this article, here we will explain why Outlook gets stuck loading my profile and how to fix it

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  1. How to fix Outlook stuck loading my profile on Windows 10?
    1. Removing processes from task manager
    2. Restart Outlook multiple times
    3. with repair tool
    4. Switching to compatibility mode
    5. Disable hardware acceleration
  2. How to disable ‘presence features’ in Outlook if it gets stuck loading my profile in Windows 10?

How to fix Outlook stuck loading my profile on Windows 10?

If Outlook sometimes gets stuck in your Windows 10 profile , it usually happens and it’s not a serious error. Since it has several solutions that are very effective, but do not forget to make a backup of your mail before generating some actions.

If you are ready to solve your problem, you just have to follow the following steps, depending on what you think the error is.

Removing processes from task manager

If you have many processes in task management, some may not function as they should, for example your Outlook profile gets stuck, that is why you should try to open few processes, but if you already have an excessive number of these you can close them as follows:

  1. The first thing we must do is enter the task manager, for this you can use a command which is Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Now you must click on More which is located at the bottom of your screen.
  3. After this you must look for the Explorer processes option and on it you have to press the right button of your mouse until a series of options appear.
  4. After this click on Restart.

Restart Outlook multiple times

To solve problems in Outlook you can restart it several times, so that it is ready to use without problems.

To perform the restart, you only have to go to the tools that your executor has in Windows. Being in these you must enter a command which is Outlook.exe / resetnavpane when entering this you must press go and in this way restart, you can do it as many times as you deem convenient.

with repair tool

Outlook has a repair tool in its main settings, with this you can solve problems easily and quickly , this is the way you can use it.

  1. Sign in to Outlook.
  2. Click on the File option.
  3. Now click on account settings.
  4. Sign in to your profile account.
  5. In these you will see the Repair option click on it.

Switching to compatibility mode

You can also change the comparability mode of your computer so that it is resolved, to do so just go to your desktop and in properties click on modify the mode.

Disable hardware acceleration

One way to solve an error in Outlook such as images not appearing on the platform or even getting stuck loading the profile is by disabling the hardware acceleration of your computer, this is because this function can be very aggressive with some applications causing them to malfunction, to do so you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Click on start your computer.
  2. Now click on the control panel, for this you can press on your Windows key and then search for control panel, when you get it press on it.
  3. Being in said panel you will be able to observe different available options, among them you must look for the one on the screen and press on it.
  4. Now you must look for the configurations of this, if you have already seen them, press on it to enter.
  5. After the settings you must click on advanced options.
  6. In these options you will be able to locate very delicate settings, so do not press anything that you should not, you just have to click on Troubleshoot.
  7. Here you can find the hardware acceleration option and you will see that it is active, move the switch so as to place None to deactivate it.
  8. For the action to be generated successfully you have to restart your computer.

How to disable ‘presence features’ in Outlook if it gets stuck loading my profile in Windows 10?

If your Outlook account gets stuck loading your profile on Windows 10 you can implement completely disable presence features on the same platform. In this way a series of things will be modified in your account, but it helps you to load your account normally and without problems , this is the procedure you have to do to deactivate presence features:

  1. Sign in to your default browser from your Windows 10 computer.
  2. In your search you must place Outlook and press search.
  3. Now in the found results click on the Outlook page.
  4. After entering the corresponding data of your account you must log in to enter your profile.
  5. Being in this you must click on a file so that it is selected.
  6. If you have already done this, you will see that it has some options, click on them.
  7. Now a list will appear where there are some file editing options, in this case to deactivate presence features you must click on People.
  8. If you pressed on this option, some boxes will appear below that are surely activated, you must press the switch to deactivate them, the said boxes are the following:
  • Box number 1: This refers to the fact that you will show the status of your connection at that very moment and if it will appear next to the name you have chosen for your user.
  • Box number 2:This box will indicate if you want to activate or deactivate showing the photo of your contacts when they are available.
  1. When selecting the deactivation of these you must press accept and continuously restart your Outlook.


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