How to fix «Only emergency calls, mobile network not available and my android signal»

Android is a very popular platform today, in any case it is not exempt from operating problems such as the fact that the network fails sometimes. For this reason knowing How to fix “Only emergency calls, mobile network not available and my Android signal” is something that every user with this problem should know.

How to Fix “Only Emergency Calls, Mobile Network Not Available and My Android Signal”

Each phone model is sent to a multitude of different countries, for this reason on many occasions it is common for problems to arise with the different networks that exist. Unfortunately this is a problem that continues to recur , mainly on older devices.

If you have a modern Android phone, this problem may not occur, even so if instead you own a somewhat older cell phone and this problem occurs, here is the solution. Read this tutorial carefully so that you can solve the network problems that annoy Android.

What causes this problem?

Unfortunately when a cell phone connection fails , it becomes practically unusable, at least the basic communication functions such as making calls, sending text messages and even connecting to mobile Internet networks. For this reason we conclude that it is a very annoying problem that must be solved.

In any case, there are some common causes for this problem, such as:

Place without signal

The truth is that in most cases the problem arises because we are in an area where there is no coverage . For this reason, the first step to verify that it is not a problem with the device or the network itself, is to verify if the place where we are has a good telephone signal.

In relation to this, it is worth knowing what mobile networks are and how they work and their types , since in this way you will understand the symbols and codes that appear on your screen related to the signal and coverage.

Mobile not released

Another common cause for this problem is that the phone has not been unlocked , in other words that it is not able to connect to any network. Many phones come with contracts for specific networks, if this is the case they will not connect to different networks. It is good to verify this and thus rule out that it is a different problem

IMEI lock

A common reason why cell phones do not connect to the network is that they are blocked. When a cell phone is reported for theft , the most common is that its IMEI is blocked, if this is the case, the mobile phone will not connect to any network.

Verify then that your cell phone has not been blocked, If this is the case, you may have acquired a stolen cell phone, if you have any doubts in relation to this, it is best to know the IMEI of your mobile phone and detect if it is reported as stolen , so you make sure you have a legal and functional device.

How to fix “Emergency calls only, mobile network not available and my Android signal”

If, having discarded the previous points, the problem persists, you can try a fairly simple but effective solution . In fact you will not need any extra application, you just have to enter advanced settings of the cell phone. Then follow this little tutorial to fix this problem.

Repair only emergency calls mobile network unavailable (Part One)

  • The first point is to know our IMEI, for this in most devices it is enough to remove the back cover and look behind the mobile battery. There is usually the IMEI code, write it down.
  • In the event that it is not there, another way to find it is by accessing the configuration information. To do this, open the settings and go to About Phone , in this section you will find the IMEI of your device, write it down.
  • After this, go to dialing (as if you were going to make a call) and dial * # * # 3646633 # * # * . After doing so, the system will send you to a special configuration section.
  • Scroll down to Connectivity and then click on CDS Information . In this place, locate the Radio Information tab and click on it.
  • Phone 1 will appear on the screen , click there.

Repair only emergency calls mobile network unavailable (Part Two)

At this time you should have your IMEI at hand. For the sake of the tutorial let’s assume it’s 311223344556677, let’s continue:

  • AT + will appear at the top , press there and enter the following code, which is where you will put your IMEI AT * EGMR = 1.7. “311223344557766 “
  • As you may have noticed, we will not enter the IMEI as it is, in this case the last four digits must be changed by inverting 66 and 77. By making this investment, it is possible to solve the problem. Now press on SEND AT COMMAND and restart your device.

After this procedure the problem should be solved. In the event that you still cannot enter the network, we recommend that you visit a specialized technician.

On the other hand, if even after verifying all of the above, the problem continues, you can consider the following guide in which we also talk about why calls cannot be made from an Android cell phone , complementing the previous information.


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