How to fix No OpenGL Context error when playing Minecraft on Windows

There is no doubt that Minecraft is an extremely well known and used game around the world. This happens because it is not simply a game for children, but allows anyone who wants to create big and difficult things in an infinite world of cubes . In fact, many people have even made this game a vital part of their work life.

But there are certain bugs and errors that can ruin our experience when playing Minecraft. This is why we show you right here how to fix the No OpenGL Context error when playing Minecraft on Windows in a simple and fast way.

How to fix No OpenGL Context error when playing Minecraft?

Many agree that Minecraft for PC is very easy to download and install . In fact, unlike others, it is not very common for this famous game to have many errors that may affect its performance. That is why we are very interested in how to fix the annoying No OpenGL Context error as quickly as possible.

This issue can greatly affect our gaming experience. The No OpenGL Context error usually occurs when someone decides to install Windows 10 by upgrading from Windows 7 or 8.1, rather than installing it from scratch. Also, it only happens with the Java version called Jave 8 Upgrade 60.

In addition, it appears specifically in some versions of Windows, due to the fact that it has certain incompatibility problems with the Jave 8 Upgrade 60 version of Java. Unlike Windows 7 and 8, in which this annoying error does not appear when playing Minecraft. However, this error occurs to users who have decided to install Minecraft for Android or iOS .

The No OpenGL Context error appears as a pop-up window when we are trying to load the game, and it may even prevent us from being able to log in to start playing Minecraft in its latest version . Although this error can be very annoying when playing games, it has a very simple solution.

What steps to follow to fix the No OpenGL Context error in Minecraft?

The solution to this annoying error is very simple to carry out. In short, all you have to do is remove the Jave 8 Upgrade 60 version of Java, through which the famous game is installed.

As simple as that. What you should do, after having deleted this version of Java, is to download the version that precedes it, that is, Jave 8 Upgrade 51. In this way, you will be able to play Minecraft without fear that this error will appear on your screen , and prevents you from logging in to play it.

Sure, to make this work properly, you have to do certain things in the correct order. The first thing you have to do, after having uninstalled the first version of Java, is to restart your computer.

In this way, when you download the version prior to the one you deleted, everything will run much better . Likewise, once the new version of Java is installed, restart your computer again before opening it to start using it as you do regularly.

Something that you should keep in mind when carrying out this whole process is that not all computers work in the same way, so it may be that not all have the same result. All of these issues are subject to change depending on your computer, which may affect gameplay .

That is why, if you have questions about your computer and its operation, we highly recommend that you visit the official Microsoft Support page . On this page, you can find exactly the help you need and when it is useful.

We encourage you to continue learning more about this topic, and we hope nothing will stop you from enjoying a great Minecraft game time


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