How to fix “Netflix crashes

Next, we are going to see how to solve that “Netflix crashes and I cannot see any content” . There are several possible solutions for this problem, so we are going to investigate each of them.

Netflix is ​​one of the most popular streaming platforms of the moment, where we can enjoy a large amount of very varied content. For all tastes in a nutshell.

However, it may happen that on some occasions we face a problem : it blocks and does not allow us to see the content. How can we solve this? It is not complicated at all and we are going to see a little below all the possible solutions to this problem.

And we say possible solutions, because it doesn’t really have just one. Depending on a number of factors of which we are not aware for obvious reasons. In your case, a solution can be a method that you will see below that did not work for another person and vice versa.

For this reason, we recommend that you try each of the possible solutions that we offer a little below and surely some of them will help you to continue enjoying the streaming service.

How to fix Netflix crashing and not allowing content to be viewed

It usually happens more often than we would like. We are trying to relax, we want to see a series or movie and we find some kind of error that blocks the content and we cannot view it. To try to solve it we have several options, although we will have to try all one by one and perhaps in this way we will be able to solve it.

It is not at all strange that the content is blocked and we cannot reproduce it . But don’t worry, it’s not too serious a mistake and can usually be fixed quickly and easily.

Reboot your device

One of the first things you should try is restarting your device . Although it may seem nonsensical, it actually helps us on many occasions. In my personal case, unplugging my TV for a few seconds and then turning it on again is more than enough to continue enjoying Netflix.

Check your connection

Perhaps we still have Wi-Fi but the connection does not work , it is something common, since while the modem is on, our computer, television, smartphone, etc. you will still be connected to the Wi-Fi network.

However, as much as it is connected, that does not mean that we have internet. Therefore, you should from another device make sure that you have a network connection to surf.

Netflix does not allow me to view content How to fix it?

Improve the quality of your Wi-Fi

An unstable or slow connection can cause us one or another problem when we want to play different content on Netflix. So what we should do is improve the quality of the Wi-Fi network signal.

We can do this by bringing the modem closer to the device with which we have problems. We can also acquire a “wall breaker” so that the Wi-Fi signal is greatly expanded and we can use any device anywhere.

Try using another network

If possible, try using another internet network to verify that the problem is not your connection . In this way we can rule out that your internet is causing problems and you can focus on other possible solutions.

The cache on mobile devices

All applications keep data in cache, this is generally useful to improve the speed of the same, optimizing its operation. The problem occurs when we never delete it. It builds up and starts to malfunction.

So this can generate quite a few problems when it comes to reproducing any kind of content from the streaming platform. From the settings menu you can access applications and here you will delete the app cache . Restart your device and then test if it works.

Does your network allow streaming?

Although it is quite rare, some networks do not support streaming, services such as Netflix are blocked. For this reason, you must contact your internet provider to verify if they have streaming enabled .


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