How to fix my laptop when the charger is connected but not charging

Next, we are going to see how to repair my laptop when the charger is connected, but not charging . It is something that happens to many people and the reasons can be varied.

One of the great advantages that laptops have is precisely having a battery, with it we can continue using the computer without having to be connected to the electronic current.

But what do we do when the battery doesn’t charge? We will see a little below how to solve this problem, although the reason (s) may be varied, we must first find it.

Laptop does not charge when connected to charger

As you can imagine, the reasons can be many. Therefore, the first thing we should do is simply try and have a lot of patience to find the source of the problem in this way. We are going to go point by point seeing which of all these reasons may be the cause of the problem.

Power connector

This is what usually happens, it is more normal than you imagine. The piece in question is welded to the plate so if you pull the cable too much you may at some point damage it and start having this kind of problem.

Luckily it is not something too expensive to fix, although it should be done by a person who is knowledgeable in the matter. We do not recommend trying to solder it if you are inexperienced because you may end up with a bigger problem.

The plate

In case it is the plate then the ideal is for a professional to take care of the matter. Obviously in case you do not know how to solve this problem it is essential that someone who has extensive knowledge on the subject does it.

My laptop does not charge while connected with the charger


Especially if your laptop already has several years behind it. It is quite common that the battery, at a certain point, no longer gives for more and directly does not charge or its autonomy lasts too little.

In this case we recommend you try another battery , remember that it must be the same as the one you have and you cannot put the one from any laptop. The most advisable thing would be that you acquire an economic one that works in your computer.


Obviously it may be the charger that causes the problems. This is something quite common, more if it is not original or official. Batteries need a large amount of amperage to charge , especially if they are in a low percentage.

You must be very careful when purchasing another charger, as you can damage the laptop if it is not the one indicated. Also, one that is very low might not be enough to charge the battery.

Force a hard reset

It can happen is that a static charge or residual charge remains in all the components of your computer and this obviously ends up compromising the load of the same. If you perform a hard reset, you may be able to solve it and the best of all is that you have no risk of damaging the laptop or losing information.

What you should do is turn off the computer and remove it from the power supply, also remove the battery and then press and hold the power button on your laptop for about 20 seconds. What this does is download it entirely.

After this you will have to connect the computer to the power without the battery and turn it on. After a few seconds you can put the battery with the computer on.

Update BIOS

Another thing that can affect the laptop is that the BIOS are not updated or have some kind of error. To be able to solve this, all we have to do is update them, it is a fairly simple process.


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