How To Fix MacBook won’t charge when plugged in?

MacBook battery won’t charge even after plugging in USB-C or MagSafe cable? It could be due to a faulty outlet, cable, charging adapter, heat, dead battery, or Mac SMC. But don’t worry. If it’s not a hardware issue, we’ll fix the MacBook won’t charge and make sure everything is ok again.

Let’s start!

  1. Major fixes
  2. Mac battery status says “Not charging”
  3. Reset SMC
  4. Check the health of your MacBook battery
  5. Contact Apple Support

1. Major fixes

I. Make sure the MacBook is not too hot

If your computer is too hot, it may not charge. To fix this, save your work and turn it off. After a few minutes, the machine will gradually cool down and it should start charging again.

II. Check the outlet

Make sure the charger is properly plugged into a power outlet. If you are using an expansion card, consider connecting the charger directly to a wall outlet.

If the steps above do not help, try a different outlet. apple says

“The power adapter will automatically shut off when its built-in voltage protection function detects line noise from the outlet. Some possible sources of line noise include ballasted lamps, refrigerators or mini-refrigerators that are connected to the same electrical circuit as the outlet you are using. ”

To fix this, make sure you plug the MacBook charger into a different circuit or a UPS (uninterruptible power supply).

III. Check charger and cable

If your MacBook won’t charge when plugged in, wait a few seconds to make sure the charger and cable are in order. Also make sure the charging block is not too hot. If it’s too hot, unplug it and your MacBook and let it cool down.

Note : Not all USB-C cables are created equal. The USB-C cable that came with your Android phone or that you purchased for a few dollars may not charge your MacBook. Try using the one that came with your Apple laptop. Or, take advantage of a reputable store that mentions in its description that it is compatible with MacBook charging.

Is your MacBook using the MagSafe connector for charging? MacBook charger not working with no light on? If so, consider flipping MagSafe. That is, if the wire was previously due to the screen, turn it over so that it goes in front.

IV. Make sure the connection is correct

It’s also important to make sure that the charging cable fits snugly into the MacBook’s charging port. Often times, USB-C cables and ports loose their connection over time. For example, some older MacBooks in our office have wobbly ports. He will make sure that they do not experience the slightest jerk. Otherwise, charging stops.

Fortunately, none of the first MagSafe MacBooks had this problem. The magnets fit perfectly.

V. Reboot Mac

This is another important solution for fixing a connected Mac but not charging issue. Save your current work and click the Apple logo in the upper left corner. Then click Restart. Once your computer turns on again, it should charge normally.

Vi. Temporarily try a different charger

If possible, borrow a MacBook charger from a friend or family member and see if you can charge your computer with it. If so, the problem is with the charger or cable. Consider taking it to an Apple Store or an authorized service center and inspecting it.

Vii. Update your Mac

Another helpful solution to fix “MacBook won’t charge when plugged in” is to update to the latest version of macOS. Certain updates may improve communication between your MacBook and the charger.

To update, click the Apple logo in the upper left corner → System Preferences → Software Update.

Note : Software updates take time to download and install. Also, if the battery is badly discharged, you must connect it to the charger. And since you cannot do this, consider using a different charger. Or follow the rest of the solutions below and hopefully they fix the problem.

2. Mac battery status says “Not charging.”

When you click the battery icon in the top menu bar, does the “Not Charging” message appear even if you plugged in your MacBook charger?

Your Intel laptop running macOS 10.15.5 or later may do this on purpose to maximize overall battery life. As soon as the charge drops below 90%, it will start charging again. But if you want it to resume charging now, follow these steps to turn off battery management .

  1. Click the Apple logo and choose System Preferences.
  2. Click Battery → Battery Status.
  3. Uncheck Battery Life Management → Disable → OK.

Note : It is important to know that turning off battery health management can shorten the battery life of your MacBook.


  • If you are using a low power adapter, you may see the text “Not charging”. Consider using the power adapter that came with your Mac, or use an equivalent power adapter.
  • On the rare occasion that you are running several demanding applications such as video editors, 3D modeling applications, etc., your MacBook may require more power than the adapter currently provides. In this case, consider closing unnecessary applications and services. Restarting your Mac and using a more powerful adapter will also help.

3. Reset SMC

Problems with charging and more on your Intel-based MacBook can be resolved by resetting the System Management Controller (SMC). We have a separate guide that shows you how to reset the SMC.

If you’re using a new MacBook with an Apple Chip, just restart your Mac.

4. Check the health of your MacBook battery.

The next important decision is to check the health of your MacBook battery. If it has deteriorated significantly and it says Service, consider replacing the battery at an Apple Store or an authorized service provider.

Finally, if you feel like nothing is helping, contact Apple Support. They can also help you make an appointment at your nearest Apple Store or service center to have your MacBook checked.

These were the solutions to fix MacBook not charging when plugged in. I hope they were useful to you, and now you can use your computer without any problems.

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